DATE POSTED: January 22nd, 2019



ROCKNEVENTS couples the visionary and experience with every rockn’ celebration produced. Our services produce a world-class luxury and experience in the special event and wedding sphere, to create an entirely new perspective and vibration in the world of celebrations. Our producers and event managers are famous for their event production experience, vibrant personalities, and bold problem-solving skills as they pave their way into changing the world - one celebration at a time.

To continue creating our timeless moments, we need more rock stars like you~

ROCKNEVENTS is seeking an out-going, confident, and bold Social Media Director who is looking for a sphere to work that motivates, challenges and inspires them on an ever-growing basis. A sphere where service comes from their inner-Spartans and not from a handbook. A sphere that vows impactful performances that will impact the lives of our members, fellow associates and growing list of producers around the world.

ROCKNEVENTS is seeking a Social Media Manager to build and lead creative social strategies and media campaigns. Our Marketing & Media Department strives to engage our wedding and special events community and extend our audience to a nationwide scale. She or he will oversee all marketing, visual and branding outlets and collaborate with the Marketing Director to ensure social media presence, branding decks, press releases, networking events are up to the company par. The Social Media Manager would work across the Marketing Departments with Executives and Interns to coordinate, execute and understand the logistical details of internal and external events.

Career Requirements:

  • Degree in business marketing or relevant field

  • Prior experience in marketing is a plus

  • Good understanding of management, marketing principles, and market research techniques

  • Strong Team Culture

  • Demonstrate ability to multi-task and adhere to multiple deadlines

  • Organized and detail-oriented

  • Graphic design is a plus

  • A fan of the ROCKNEVENTS Brand and Wedding/Special Events Industry

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead social media campaigns and developing marketing strategies for the ROCKNEVENTS brand

  • Undertake daily administrative tasks to ensure the functionality and planning of the marketing department’s activities and plans

  • Support marketing and branding executives in organizing various projects

  • Conduct client research and analyze consumer rating reports, content, and related data

  • Lead in employing marketing analytics techniques to gather important data in regards to social media, email marketing, and other outlets

  • Lead in the organization of promotional events and traditional or digital campaigns and attend them to facilitate their success

  • Collaborate with Marketing Director in content creation and distribution of campaigns to marketing outlets

  • Learns, implements, and teaches brand awareness on a global scale

  • Heavy social media online presence and activity