3 Tips to Snag A Wedding Gown At An Affordable Price / by Jenny Chang


  1. Shop DESIGNER SAMPLE SALES! (Usually once a year, bridal designer companies will have their sample sales where you can purchase a dress up to 80% off! Be sure to follow their calendars to find out when these opportunities will be taking place!)
  2. Rent/Borrow a dress! (Why spend so much money on a dress you may be using only once? With this option, you are not obligated to pay the full price and while still having the change to wear that special gown on this wonderful day.)
  3. Second-hand dresses! (New bride looking to save money? Ebay, CraigsList, and Charity Shops should be your new best friends! Second-hand dresses are also heavily discounted and you can probably locate some great finds at affordable prices!)

Hope these tips could help all you current and future brides looking to celebrate on a budget! Nothing beats snagging a great steal!