Pamper Yourself / by Jenny Chang


It is important to stay as relaxed as possible during the days nearing your wedding. Try not to get too overwhelmed and let other people help you. While these people are doing your 'dirty work' spend a blissful day at the spa. Have a day to yourself, maybe invite your bridal party, or even spend a relaxing day with your soon to be hubby. Everyone could use intense relaxation to ease their mind. There are countless spas within the greater Los Angeles area with great reviews and rates. Many also have packages exclusive to brides and her company. Check out hot spots like Sauvage in Laguna or bring the experience to you with MobileSPA! Make it an event by turning the day into a low key bachelorette party or just invite your mother and mother-in-law to enjoy a relaxing bonding experience. Whatever the case may be don’t forget to continue to pamper yourself during the process of planning your wedding in order not to get wrapped up in your own stress. It will be worth every second and every penny!

A few links to amazing spas within the area!