Photographer Frenzy / by Jenny Chang


It is very important that finding your photographer is done correctly. You are going to spend so much time, money, and effort on your wedding day that it absolutely needs to be documented perfectly. It is important that you really take the time to source out your photographer. Just because one is expensive does not mean they take great photographs. But also don't shy away from spending a good amount either. You also want to book your photographer as soon as possible because depending on the date of your wedding photographers book up fast!! Here are a few things to keep in mind with searching for a great wedding photographer:

First you must decide what your type of style is to find the photographer that is compatible to you. Possible styles include documentary, portraiture, fine-art, and edgy/bold.

Second reading reviews are really going to give you a great idea about what you will get from the photographer. Take a good look at  their websites to go through their prior weddings to get a sense of their style. Photographers also have awesome blogs linked to their website that have great examples of their work. If their aren't full wedding albums on their site many are more than willing to send you what you are looking for.

Third make sure your personalities match. A photographer's personality is everything! They are going to be the one's to not only hype you and your husband up, but your bridal party and guests as well. They need to be able to extract the best smiles out of everyone to get that perfect picture. A boring photographer will result in boring photographs

◊ Important questions to ask a potential photographer:

How much do you charge and what does it include?
What do you not include in that price that could be an extra charge?
About how many pictures do you take for a typical wedding?
Do we get a copy of each one in high res?
Do you edit all of the pictures or just some?
What do you consider when editing?
How much would you charge to do that editing of it's not included?
Do you bring assistants or work solo?
How long does it take before we get a copy of the pictures after the wedding?
How much is it for just the wedding day? Versus wedding day plus rehearsal dinner?

◊ Here are a few great photographers in the LA area to get you started: