Bachelorette Party Ideas / by Jenny Chang


Games are an absolute MUST during any kind of bachelorette party. They are a great way to get conversation going and the party started! Bingo is fun and innocent - make your own bingo cards and fill in the boxes with possible gifts the bride will receive at her party. Another game is 'Guess the Panties' where each guest brings a pair of underwear for the bride that represents their own personality. Hang them on a close line to decorate the room. The bride must then guess who brought which underwear. My personal favorite game is called 'Questions, Questions' where prior to the party you ask the groom sexual and personal questions about the bride and himself (where was your first kiss, what was the craziest place you did it? etc.) At the party, the bride is asked the same questions and she must answer them. It turns out being a really funny game, especially when the bride and groom have very different answers!



As a bride you are already getting your bridesmaids a wonderful gift to thank them for being a part of your special day. So don't go crazy with bachelorette party gifts. Small fun favors are perfect. Purchase cheap plastic martini glasses and fill them with nail polish, Chapstick, and gum. The Miniemergency Kit for Bridemaids have everything a bridesmaid could need on the wedding day. Knowing your girls have these can relieve any stress you have about something going wrong. These awesome kits can be perched at Sephora or Another classic gift is to get your bridesmaids cute tanks with Bridesmaid written in bling letters. You can find these at Etsy or even Bed Bath & Beyond.


What to Do

There are endless options on what to do for your bachelorette party. This really all depends on how much you are willing to spend. Of course going to Vegas and renting out a Palms suite is ideal for any bachelorette, but for many this is just not realistic. You are already spending a lot of money on your wedding so why go over budget now? Instead you can have an intimate night on the town with your girls at your favorite bar/club. Throw a fun pre game before you head out with awesome drinks and games. Have a mini spa day by getting your nails done and then go out for a fabulous lunch with bottomless mimosas! Throw a baking party at a friends house. Spend the night baking your favorite treats, laughing, and indulging! There are so many things you can do for your party. Remember this part is supposed to fun, not stressful, so try and keep it simple and stick to what you want to do.