Cupid Who? / by Jenny Chang

Although many may believe Valentines is a cliche holiday, we at Rock N' Events think it is a perfect excuse to throw a party! Instead of moping over your relationship status why not get together with your closest friends and celebrate the love you have for each other! This party can include your single friends and those with a partner, there are no limits to this V'day celebration.  These get-togethers encourage mingling or are just an excuse to enjoy Valentine's Day without the collective self-pity that often accompanies other parties. Have fun taking the cheesy route with this party.

Obviously drinks are in order! Be over the top cheesy and create a pink, delicious, and strong signature drink. Put them in mason jars to stray away from any romance. Or be very non-traditional and have have a pitcher of Sangria with umbrella toothpicks! Create personal drink tags and label them with ridiculous pick up lines that almost never work! Check some out here: 

Anti Sayings! Bake cookies or cupcakes and write a anti V'day gesture. Write the opposite of what you would normally find on a Sweet Heart Candy. Things such as, 'go away', 'don't be mine.'

Get Crafty! Make a station to "Write Your Own V'day Card" where you and your party-goers can write a card to themselves that will be better than any card anyone could ever give them!

Pin The Arrow! Blow up a huge picture of you and your guests and play the traditional 'Pin The Tail on The Donkey' but in this case your guests are playfully pinning Cupid's arrow on another party goer. It is up to faith where the two take it from there ;)

International Quirkyalone Day! Check out this awesome international recognized holiday where you don't loath in self pity on Valentines Day but celebrate friendship, romance, and independent self-spirt. Based on Sasha Cagen’s book Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics; it’s an invitation to create a great day for yourself, whatever that means to you.