Prioritizing Your Wedding / by Jenny Chang

Getting engaged is a very exciting time for a couple but everyone knows that planning the wedding is extremely stressful! It is important to prioritize what needs to be done. For instance - SETTING THE DATE and PICKING THE VENUE is one the most important things to do before anything else. Many brides immediately jump at the day to go dress shopping and finding their dream dress. This alone is extremely time consuming and in many cases can stress you out even more when you cannot find the dress you want. If you are feeling completely disorganized then do yourself a favor and hire a planner! They are professionals and can completely transform your planning process. Stick to finalizing the most important things:

1. Set Budget

2. Date

3. Venue

4. Photographer

5. Caterer

6. Music

7. Theme

8. Bridal Party (who is going to be in it?)

9. Rentals

All the rest - decor, dresses, tuxedos, cake, hair/makeup, extras (photo booth), favors, gifts, bachelorette/bachelor party, ETC.