The Formula for Fundraising / by Jenny Chang



Donors don’t give to institutions, they invest in ideas & people in whom they believe. -G.T. Smith

                 Do you have a cause you believe is worth fighting for? Have you been involved in a charity and considered other ways of supporting it? Rock N Events staff is hard at work putting together a fundraising event for the upcoming year and we have some quick tips to get your fundraising event on its feet!   
                The process of fundraising is unique because there is no funding to begin with. What’s our fundraising strategy? To find like-minded vendors and sponsors, invest those sponsorships to produce an event, raise awareness and educate our community. The difficulty varies between each step’s challenges but here are just some of the ways we plan to produce our event. 
                Let’s be serious: contacting a multinational corporate business sounds like a daunting task; even moreso when you’ll be asking them to shell out thousands of dollars. I have never asked anyone to let me play with their free money, but I have always known to be tactful, professional, and passionate. Find the necessary contacts to Big Corporate Company marketing, and be like, Babe, do you care about The American Heart Association? And if you ask with enough earnestness, offer a big enough promise to substantial, niche marketability, and if you follow up with your emails, the only people that can say no are the companies that haven’t aligned their charity passions and goals with your company’s. You have tons to offer as an event organizer and you have all the tools you need to make this connection!
                When you’ve finally found the company or companies that recognize your sparkle, and have agreed to offer you sponsorship, it’s time to pat yourself on the back and go vendor shopping. Now that you know your budget you’ll have a better idea of what the event is going to look like. Of course, just like asking Big Corporate Company, you need to identify vendors who are willing to volunteer their services for a good cause for free or even for a small price. If there’s a service or product you ABSOLUTELY need, you have the budget for it now. Keeping cost low is important for obvious purposes but always remember your cause, remember your community, and remember that your influence matters. 
                Lastly, reach your ultimate investors – your market! Who do you want attending your event, how will you reach them, and what will translate as a good time? The main goal is to educate them, make your ripples, and to get a return of investment from your sponsorship for your event. Celebrate that day. Know your impact with your charity, within your community, and your influence on your collaborations. 
                Do you have an event coming up? Leave a comment about your favorite charities and what you would like to see in a fundraising event.