7 Rock N' Ways to Incorporate Coffee Into Your Wedding / by Jenny Chang


If coffee is an essential in your everyday, why not ESPRESSO YOURSELF, and incorporate coffee into your wedding day!?

The star planners at Rock N’ Events need coffee to do what we do best, below we have shared the 5 rockn’ ways to incorporate java into your special celebration.

1. Love Is Brewing

If you are a true coffee addict then needing coffee at your wedding is obvious. We all know what it’s like to have a ‘womp-womp’ cup of coffee, that you have to douse in cream and sugar just to get rid of the potent taste. Don’t even do it to yourself.

Some fun ways we’ve incorporated coffee to our weddings have been building our own personalized coffee stations or calling out coffee trucks. (Yes… coffee trucks do exist…)

It’s our job to know all the great coffee vendors in Los Angeles to get you wired on your special day! One of my favorites is, Urban Espresso. Urban Espresso is a trendy coffee truck that can roll up for your reception. The truck provides different types of coffee for your fans to enjoy. If you really want to stand out, add a custom sleeve and instagram that ish!! #Don’tGiveAFrapp

The Cappuccino Man of LA is changing the game with personalized cappuccinos! We love anything personalized, so Cappucino Man has made it into our top coffee vendors to recommend. Ask your coordinator how to design a special monogram to custom each special cup of your cappuccino love. By ANY. BEANS. NECESSARY. You need to have Longshot Coffee at your wedding. Just look at this cart, alone! Longshot coffee creates luxury espresso bars so you and your fans can stay caffeinated morning, noon and night.

2. Coffee & Doughnuts

At Rock N’ Events, we’re literally having doughnuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wish I was kidding when I say that. Doughnuts are quintessential when you’re thinking coffee. In lieu of a wedding cake, have a doughnut cake, or call your coordinator to help build you a doughnut wall like this one. Yes, we build donut walls, and we’re fucking great at it.

3. Treat Yo’ Self

Live, Breath, Drink and EAT Coffee! Yeah, you heard me! There are so many ways to add coffee in your wedding treats. Dessert Buffets are a great to way to blend together all your coffee goodies. Use biscotti, chocolate covered coffee beans, coffee cakes, macaroons, and more!

4. Let’s Talk Cake

Sprinkles are out and coffee beans are in! Can you imagine a small cake covered entirely with coffee beans?! If that’s not enough, then choose a coffee or espresso flavored cake too. Don’t forget to do a tasting, bad cake is worse than bad coffee!

5. The Perfect Blend

Booze and Coffee, two of my favorite things #whynot?! If you want to party hard and enjoy the buzz of a strong roast, try creating a specialty drink using coffee and your favorite liqueurs.

6. Thanks for BEAN’ Here

My favorite mug was given to me by my mom when I was 9, it has Whinnie the Pooh on it and it will always be my go-to mug. #noshame. Give your guests a new go-to with chocolate covered coffee beans inside, like this one.

Coffee grounds are a great way to tell a story to your guests. If you have a favorite coffee that you and your beau shared on that trip to Maui for your 3 year anniversary, this is the time to bring it out and give it to your guests! I know recently, our favorite coffee partner, Trident Coffee released their new line of coffee beans, congratulations on the new product launch guys!

Here are some of my favorite cold brew vendors: Outpost, Trident, and Stumptown Coffee. Cold brew bottles have such a distinct look that there are so many ways to use them. They would be great as escort cards and as favors, you could try attaching a menu to them at each table, or add a custom tag to say a special “Thanks A Latte!”


For those of you have a whole latte love for coffee, find ways to drip coffee beans everywhere! For a subtle dose of caffeine, use coffee beans as a base to hold up escort cards. For the coffee aficionados who really know their stuff, use different kinds of ground coffee in relation to the region the coffee was made. Instead of table numbers, use names like Brazil, Peru, or Columbia.

Wake up and smell the beans! Two of my favorite smells in the world are fresh coffee and flowers, so why not have both? Incorporate coffee beans into the vases of your centerpieces. Use candles in vases surrounded by the fragrant beans to float the aroma around the room.

You’re awake now aren’t you!?

At Rock N’ Events we know that coffee is essential when you live that eventlife! #coffeecoffeecoffee The world is your roaster, and we want to help give you the perfect brew. Now go pass the cream and sugar, and spread that javalicious joy!