BRIDEZILLAS-- Bride of Frankenstein! / by Jenny Chang

It’s Halloween time! That means spooky vibes are everywhere. But nothing scares us more than BRIDEZILLAS! We are always grateful for a challenge, but when the bride of Frankenstein creeps up on us we can’t help but run for safety! Double double toil and trouble, something wicked this way comes! A wicked poison has taken over these ladies causing them to turn into the haunting bridezillas they’ve become. But don’t run away just yet, Rock N’ Events has all the antidotes!

Below we have listed the five types of bridezillas:


We know it’s a spooky time of year, but that doesn’t mean you can ghost out and ignore all our calls! The ghost bride is very busy and have a lot on their plate, along with planning a wedding.

There is nothing more grave than getting a week away from a wedding and having to change plans because the bride was somewhere else during the process. This is a Nightmare on Elm Street, and it torments us as planners! We’re here to guide you through this journey, you are the ultimate Yes and No man!

I know, now you’re thinking, “Oh, NO! I’m a ghost!!” #SPOOKY. Don’t worry, there are ways to come back to life and make it less frightful for you...and us! If you are off hunting zombies and can’t easily get to the phone, assign someone to be your point of contact between yourself and your planner! If your groom is only here for the boos, ask your maid of honor to help you out.


First off, Why are we here?! There’s a reason you hired us! Planners are the type to get shit done and give you only the most thrilling events possible! Trust us and give over some of the control. The WannaBoo Bride is the type that knows exactly what she wants and ‘thinks’ she knows exactly how to get it!

We specialize in planning events every day, we have the connections and know how. Rest in Peace while the witchin’ team of coordinators at Rock N’ Events kills the game and gives you everything you need to enjoy the process of planning your wedding.

Our Wannaboo Planner’s antidote is tricky. If you’re reading this and saying, “I can still do it myself” maybe it’s time to reconsider if you need a planner. It’s totally ok to decide to do it on your own. If it turns out to be a Hell Raising task, then you just might remember why you needed a planner in the first place!


Bridezillas are always a challenge, but a blind bride can be one of the most challenging! This bride makes us want to scream! It’s like being led through a pitch black haunted house not knowing where you’re going next, or who’s gonna jump out and start chasing you in a new direction! The Blind Bride lacks vision, like a mummy she is wrapped up in everyone else’s opinions of what the wedding should look like!

Too many opinions can frighten a bride away from what she really wants. It’s overwhelming to have so many options, it is easy to become indecisive and want to change something every day! #DayOfTheDeadWeddingPlanner! Our job is to analyze your vision and you need to trust that we will BRING IT on the day of.

As Norman Bates would say, “We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven’t you?” The antidote for the Blind Bride is to stick to the basics! At the very least pick a color pallette and take it to the grave. If you can decide on the fundamentals, it makes the process way less ghouling. Also, we get that you want to be nice and take everyone’s advice, but it’s time to weed out all other advice, and work directly with your planner!


ME ME ME!! The venom in this bride runs deep. This Marbled Orbweaver believes that it is her day and she will be treated like nothing less than a princess!! #DEAD This all-about-me-bride is selfish, likes to throw tantrums and acts like the Bride of Chucky! It’s my way, or you’ll be roadkill on the highway!

I believe that these bridezillas are subconsciously trying to live up to “bridezilla” behavior that society has said is ok! Newsflash, It’s not. A marriage is until death do you part! You chose to journey through life with someone, and your wedding day should celebrate you both, not just a witchy bride.

Self-reflection is the best remedy for this bridezilla. Dig down deep, enjoy a glass of #hallowine and ask yourself why you are getting married in the first place! Look at your ghoulish behavior, enjoy a slice of humble pie, and ask the Great Pumpkin for forgiveness. Cherish this moment in time.


The Warlocked Wallet bride is all about nickel and diming their wedding. This is the time to splurge and have a rockn’ day! We want people running and screaming to the dance floor, and you can’t put a price on experience!

Weddings can be expensive. Don’t let your budget haunt you, let it be your spirit guide! Make an investment on the things are the most important to you. It’s not about how much is in your budget, it’s about what we can do with it!

The antidote for the warlocked wallet bride is to set a priorities list! Make an investment on the magical moments throughout the process. Don’t go batty because you can’t afford something. If you really want it, work with your coordinator to see how we can make it happen! We can help you negotiate and find enchanting solutions.


This is the ultimate Snow White situation! You may act like a perfectly reasonable woman, but when you take a bite of that poison apple you are going to turn into the old hag! It doesn’t matter how sweet you are to us, if you mistreat your vendors, it will become the night of the living dead.

Don’t be needy, be one of the grateful dead and appreciate the worker bats! Everyone is working to make your day as majestic as possible, and if you’re biting their heads off, they may decide to ghost outta there!

Simple antidote: If you are really having issues with a vendor, let your planner be your middle-man! No tricks, only treats for your vendors. And remember at the end of the day, don’t be a werewolf that bites the hand that feeds you!! #OOWwwWWooooOOOoooOOO

Darkness falls across the land, The midnite hour is close at hand, Creatures crawl in search of blood, To terrorize y'awl's rockn’hood!”

Rock N’ Events is always grateful for a challenge, but even some bridezillas can’t be brought back from the dead!