5 Ways Pinterest is Saturating the Wedding Industry | Rock N' Events / by Jenny Chang

THE ULTIMATE PINTEREST FAILS: 5 Ways Pinterest is Saturated our Wedding Industry

Who doesn’t love Pinterest?! It’s a great platform for inspiration, but it has completely taken over the wedding industry. What girl doesn’t have a wedding board they started when they were single? I do and I’m still adding to it! #singleAF Pinterest is a great way to see what our star members want, and can give us a clearer vision, but it’s so easy to get stuck. Here’s 5 ways Pinterest has saturated the wedding world.

1. Bitch Stole My Look.. and Her’s… Oh and Her’s Too!

Deja Vu! I feel like every post I see, be it on Pinterest or Instagram, everything is starting to look the same. Your wedding should reflect who you are, not what someone else already did! Nobody wants to walk into prom and see the girl next to her wearing the same dress #NIGHTMARE! So why should your wedding be the same as someone else’s?! Don’t get me wrong, I love the vintage, airy look, but everything is the same color and there’s no creativity! It becomes revenge of the clone weddings!

Our brides love to talk vision, but it can be hard when they become so attached to a certain look.  It’s wonderful to hear that our brides have a vision, but it’s hard when they can’t imagine anything else. There is nothing new on pinterest, the visuals have become stagnant and there isn’t much out there that is new and vibrant! #Givemelife! When our brides come in and want the same thing, it can be difficult as designers.

Again, Pinterest is great for inspiration, but we want our brides to see it as more of a jumping off point than a recreation of another look. Our coordinators at Rock N’ Events know just how important it is to have a unique design for your big day because just as no two couples are the same, no two weddings should look the same either!

2. Catfished by an App!

Alright ladies and gents, that photo of an elaborate tablescape with eight swans, and a dance floor, and the reception all in one photo is definitely not realistic. #LIES! What you see isn’t always what you get. Photographers are very good at creating space where there isn’t any with the right camera angle. A lot of times what you see on Pinterest is also unrealistic to many budgets. Staged shoots are great at using smoke and mirrors to create that perfect photo, it’s all in the unrealistic magic of Pinterest!

You may want that draping floral ceiling decor, but are you willing to drop an extra fifteen grand? #Whatbudget?! Peonies are gorgeous, and we love to include them in our designs, but do you know that each flower can cost up to an extra $3- that’s for each individual flower! If you have a limitless budget I say go for it. If there are things that you think will make or break your wedding day- Do it! Don’t get sucked into the PInterest frame of mind, let your rockn’ coordinator design something out of this world that will make your event POP!

3. Push it to the Limit

There is a lot of the same look on Pinterest, I know I have said it before, but it’s important that people see there is more out there, and in your own imagination! #Expressyourself! As designers we want that creative push, so when a bride comes to us and says “give me this exact look” we have to use that as inspiration, not as a rule book.

We want our brides to come with out of the box ideas that reflect who they are, and tell their story! What made you who you are as a couple? At Rock N’ Events we want to use that to create a wedding vision that is made for you, not the general Pinterest public!

It’s the elements in the photos that we are more inclined to look at and be inspired by! Your personal Pinterest boards give us more of a sense of what you like and what you’re about, than your wedding board at times. There is no couple like yours, and we want to celebrate that! #livinthedream

4. Not so FADulous After All

If I see another goddamn mason jar-- GIRL! #I’mGonnaLoseIt! The rustic look was a fad and we are ready for it to go, honey! Burlap is done, geometric shit is done, there will always be something popular that can date your wedding! When you look back at your wedding it needs to be about you! We want you to look back on YOUR wedding album, not a Pinterest board.

Pinterest loves to show you what is happening right now, but tomorrow there will be something newer, and what you liked can go out of style in a flash! We don’t want to see any more of what’s in season. Give us timeless, daring, and luxurious.

Rock N’ Events does it all! More than just weddings! Pinterest has become all weddings all the time, show me something unusual in the land of special events! #ComeON! If I see the same icy blue corporate Christmas party I’m gonna scream! There are so much potential for phenomenal design, and Rock N’ Events is gonna give you just that! When all we see on Pinterest is one look that is outdated and overdone, we come through and shake up the game with BOLD and timeless ideas, and out of this world design!

5. #D.I.Don’t!

My favorite memes to look at are Pin Fails! We have all, at least once, tried some craft project off of Pinterest… and I’m sure it probably didn’t turn out like the picture. Just because someone shows you how to do it through photos, doesn’t mean you can do it better than the professionals- unless your aunt is a florist or something! That draped flower ceiling is not going to build itself as easily as you think, and it’s going to be EXPENSIVE as shit!

Just like planning your Big Day, it’s ok to bring in the pros! At the end of the day these are the people who know what they’re doing, have the tools to do it, and will get it done for you! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and yeah- try that Pinterest recipe you have been dying to make! #YUM!

Pinterest is, and will always be a wonderful place for inspiration. Key word: INSPIRATION! There are endless ways to get creative, and push it to the limits. Use Pinterest to give you ideas about color, or certain elements to your design. Trust that your coordinators at Rock N’ Events will create an exciting, and beautiful design for you event that you will always look back on with nothing but LOVE!