5 Ways to Keep Your Dream Day Green / by Jenny Chang

Sustainability is so important in today’s world. We need to do whatever we can to make the planet we live in a little bit cleaner, and take care of our environment one event at a time. There is a lot of waste in the special events world, and Rock N’ Events is on the way to put this to a stop! #GoGreen

Here are 5 rockn’ ways to keep your event eco-friendly!

1. Hug a Tree

One of the first ways to cut down on paper use, is by looking at all of the ways you are using it throughout your event. Save the dates are a great way to get your guests informed, but there are great paperless designs that are just as beautiful, but don’t impact the environment. Trust me when I say save the dates like these won’t go in the trash folder! If you really want to go the printed route, look into stationery companies that use recycled paper products, or alternative inks, like soy ink. #WhoKnew?!

Ditch the boring paper guest book and go for something that you will proudly display in your home! Why not let people sign a custom jersey, or even a globe for our travelers. It’s all about tailoring your guestbook to who you are as a couple, while at the same time not wasting any paper. Get creative as you can, or let the coordinators at Rock N’ Events come up with something that will blow your mind and not the bank!

Speaking of trees, why not give something to your guests that they will actually use, and won’t throw away. Because let’s be honest, I probably won’t keep that box of matches with your name on it #KeepIt100! Go local, and source unique favors in their own reusable packaging that your guests will love. Take it one step further and give your guests the gift of giving back. Give seed bombs or tree saplings that your fans can take home and plant in their yard! #BabyTrees #HowFreakinCute!

Upcycling is the first word in green wedding decor. Take something old and make it shine and fit perfectly into your event space. Use repurposed items to bring in a vintage charm! Use a big mirror or an old window for your seating chart. Calligraphy on these elements elevates the object, and you are in luck, because Rock N’ Events has one of the best in-house calligraphers in town! #lovelylettering By eliminating your paper use, you are helping the environment, and at the same time bringing something grand to life!

2. A Vision in Green

Your wedding gown is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day, and there are many ways to go green when it comes to your formal wear! Coming from Portland, Oregon, I remember after my prom I donated my dress to a shop called Adorned In Grace. All donations  and proceeds go to raise awareness and prevention of human traffic and support victims.

Donating your dress may feel like giving away a precious heirloom, but at the end of the day, the feeling of giving back to those in need is unlike any other. Another way to donate your gown is through Wish Upon A Wedding, a non-profit organization that provides wedding gowns and attire to brides and grooms with terminal illnesses.

Try renting the formal wear for your bridesmaids and groomsmen! Websites like Rent the Runway are great ways to make sure, your squad looks great, and the dress won’t end up sitting in someone’s closet for the next twenty years. #Flawless

3. Greenhouse Vibes

When it comes to picking your venue, if you want to go green, keep it simple & chic! One of the easiest ways to cut down on all the emissions put out by your guests having to drive from place to place, is to have your ceremony and reception at the same venue. By doing this it makes it easier on everyone, yourself, your fans, and mama earth will definitely thank you! #Blessed

In Los Angeles, many venues have made a point to be eco friendly! A few of our favorites are Smog Shoppe, Marvimon, and the J.W. Marriot in Los Angeles. Smog Shoppe is owned by Marvimon, and is powered only by solar-powered energy. #GoGreen! Marvimon has striven to ensure an eco-friendly environment since opening, and also uses solar-panels. The J.W. Marriot LA Live is planning an expansion, and once finished, the venue will boast the U.S. Green Building Council’s Silver LEED certification.

4. Reduce. Reuse. Ranunculus!

Flowers are the number one most wasted wedding decor element, and that needs to change! Flowers are gorgeous, but at the end of the night we see a lot of leftover centerpieces. One of the easiest ways to go green when looking for floral decor is to go local! Make sure you work with you florist to ensure your flowers are in season and come from local growers. PLus local and in season means it’s cheaper, and it means less driving and transportation emissions from delivery!

People like Kai Cohen of Green Cavas are trying to greenify the world, one day at a time! Green Canvas’ mission is to make recycling easy and fun, and not something to huff about. With Kai’s help Rock N’ Events will be able to Go Green and give back to the community. Instead of watching your floral decor go into a trash, donate them to elderly homes around LA, and bring joy to those in need. #GreenGiveBack

5. Who’s Hungry?!

Let’s be honest here- I love wedding cake, but we have all left a wedding and seen more than half the cake still standing! #Unacceptable You can donate your leftover wedding food to local food banks, shelters, and even animal shelters. By giving back to those in need, you are paying it forward, and will for sure earn some tax deductible rewards!

Another way to go green is to ask your caterer if they are using local and seasonal foods. By going local, you are supporting local farms, and the emissions from the delivery will be much lower. #SaveTheOzone! Go even further and look into these farms as venues, or look to wineries and breweries!

Coffee is a must at most weddings, so when looking for a brand of coffee, look for one that is fair-trade. Sip that shit knowing you’re making the world a little better! Go even further and look into these farms as venues, or look to wineries and breweries!

It doesn’t take much to do a little for your environment. Take the pledge with Rock N’ Events, and rock into the Go Green world!