Wrapped In Bows: Sexy vs. Skanky / by Jenny Chang

I’d like to start off by wishing you all a merry everything! With the holidays fast approaching I want to talk about the wrappings. No, not for Christmas presents, but your wedding day! What you wear on your Big Day is SO important. You are going to be looking back on your wedding photos for the rest of your life. Wouldn’t you rather look back and smile, instead of cringe at the mistake of a dress you wore?!

Fear not, for behold, I bring you tidings of great Joy! The joy of a staying sexy, not skanky on your wedding day!

Living in Lace

Sexy: Adding lace details to any gown gives it a vintage glam look, and is so sophisticated.

Skanky: Having a dress made only of lace and sheer underneath. Honey, Just Don’t.

Who’s On the Nice List?

The first way to avoid the naughty list on your Big Day is to know your audience! Take a look at your guest list and see who you invited. When picking your dress, always go with your instincts, but if you know your extra conservative great-grandma is traveling from the East Coast to see you get married, she probably wants to see you a bit covered up. Find a happy medium with a gorgeous dress, and a sexy smoky eye, with loose waves. You don’t have to go traditional, but your gown should be effortless and beautiful, and show your true beauty. #BeautifulInsideAndOut

Captivating Corsets

Sexy: A gown that laces up the back creates an elegant tough and can help cinch anyone in to create the perfect hourglass figure.

Skanky: Make sure your girls don’t fall out because your corset is too tight. Keep your boobs in your bra baby!

Timeless Is Better Than Revealing!

I can’t stress enough how elegant and timeless your wedding should be! Part of that really comes down to the dress. Don’t you want your fans crying because of how beautiful you are? Don’t let your dress upstage you. There are so many wedding gowns in the world, and I can tell you I am not a fan of the super tight, see through, mini dress look. #KeepIt100 If you want a vampy look, go for something sexy with class, not visible ass! Otherwise, you’ll hear Santa “Ho Ho Ho”ing from the North Pole! Timeless is a word I will say over and over again, because that’s what your Big Day should be. It’s a time to celebrate your relationship and party, not to be worried about a nip slip behind that strategically placed lace.

Legs for Days

Sexy: Give me Angelina Jolie leg action all day! Having a peep of skin can take you from traditional to fashion maven in seconds.

Skanky: Mini dresses at weddings, ugh, just why?! Save it for the wedding night not your ceremony.

Save It For the Bedroom

Deck his halls, and go for some boudoir shots! Wrap yourself in bows and give your soon-to-be the gift of something naughty. This is the place to show off your sexy side and be a true Vixen! It’s great to show some skin, but don’t take it too far. Yes you may have a body that kills, but honestly I just don’t understand the need to show it ALL off. A little mystery is the ultimate sex appeal. #BewitchingInWhite Wait until your someone special has carried you across the threshold and then go to town! Wear that lingerie you bought the minute you got engaged, and show off what you got; it’s your night. Make it a special moment for you and your partner, not all of your extended friends and family.

Eyes Lined to the Roof

Sexy: A natural smoky eye can transform into a fun party look that enhances all of your gorgeous natural features.

Skanky: Bold eye, bold lip, bold crayon contour, bold lashes, bold tan, bold blush, bold cake. #TooMuchEeverything Time to tone it down!

It’s all about you!

I love watching makeup tutorials, and I have come across some wedding makeup videos that have given me a major case of the #SMDH! Your wedding makeup should accentuate your natural beauty and not draw attention away from the celebration. It’s the same way with dresses, let me see YOU, not your gown or makeup. If you want to go bold with your eye makeup, go with a neutral lip. It’s all about showcasing your best self!

There are so many ways for wardrobe malfunctions to happen! Do your best to avoid them by asking all the right questions. Does this flatter my body type? Will it distract from our wedding? And lastly, how does this dress make me feel? You deserve to be carefree and sexy on your wedding day. Your dress should let your dance the night away in style. Be on the nice list, and not the worst dressed list! Our coordinators at Rock N’ Events will always be down to go with you to any fitting or appointment and help you along the way.

Now go out and Rock that Runway… or Aisle!