RNE | 12 Holiday Party Do’s and Don’ts / by Jenny Chang


On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a rockn’ holiday bash that blew me away! The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means; bring out the eggnog it’s time to party. #NogSoHard

Your holiday bash will be unlike any other if you pay close attention to Rock N’ Events’ 12 Holiday Party Do’s and Don’t!

On The First Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DO Check Your List!

This is absolutely my most favorite time of the year. The holidays, to me, are about surrounding yourself with the people you love, and having a killer good time. Invite as many people as you want, but make sure to have a clear guest list. For a corporate event, make sure your attendees know if they are able to bring a plus-one or not! The best way to spread holiday cheer is inviting those you hold most dear! #TurnDownForNog

On The Second Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DO Set A Budget

Setting a  budget and sticking to it is easier said than done! I end up spending way more than intended around the holidays because I want everyone to feel special, and that takes a toll on the wallet! Create a budget and prioritize. Decide what is most important to you and your guests and go from there. Just make sure you stick to these limits, or you could turn around and suddenly be WAYYYYY over budget! #GrinchStoleMyMoney!

On The Third Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DO Wear Your Best

It’s time to talk dress code ladies and gents! If you want your guests to show up in a ball gown and tux, let them know! Don’t leave them hanging and having to guess. Is it an ugly christmas sweater party? Do I need to go cocktail--TELL ME! We don’t need any wardrobe malfunctions happening at your holiday party #TooMuchNog By setting a dress code, you can avoid anyone feeling uncomfortable because they are under or overdressed.

On The Fourth Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DO Eat ALL the Food

It’s time to carve the roast-beast! There will be no Grinches at your holiday event when you have amazing food. The holidays are about indulging and having an extra slice of ham! One way to ensure you have great food is to make sure it’s something YOU would want to eat. Food stations are a great way to get your guests involved, without having to have a boring buffet, or stuffy, mediocre sit down meal!

We all know that desserts are pivotal to holiday party success. Christmas cookies, a yule log, peppermint bark, you name it! Be festive and don’t skimp. Nothing is worse than being the last person at a table only to find one broken cookie left. #SadSanta

On The Fifth Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DO Get Our Drank On

Open bars will always be a great way to make any guest happy. Let loose and feel the yuletide spirits flow through your body, baby! But let’s not forget; nobody wants to be #ThatGuy. A holiday party is about having fun, letting your hair down, but doing it with some class. Don’t get schwasty-- Especially on company property. There are ways to avoid this! It is possible to create a cap on the number of drinks served to each guest; try using drink tickets, or make sure the bartenders keep an eye out for when to cut off certain guests.

December is National Impaired Driving Prevention month, and at Rock N’ Events we take that very seriously. Drinking and driving is so dangerous, and we don’t need to have anything happen because of a holiday party mishap! Hire a taxi service for your event, or connect with Uber or Lyft to make sure all your Who’s get safe and snuggly in their beds.

On The Sixth Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DO Hire an Event Coordinator

Rock N’ Events knows how to party, and we want to help you throw your holiday bash! Hiring an event coordinator will benefit your holiday stress levels like you won’t believe! It’s our job to put all the details together and come through with a #jinglerific event that will blow you and your fans away. We can do all the work and all you have to say is you’re welcome to your guests, cause they’ll be bowing at your feet after this party! With Rock N’ Events at the helm, you’ll be the party king… or queen!

On The Seventh Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DON’T Forget to Give Back

Give back. That’s what everyone says, but it’s true. I am very fortunate to be able to celebrate christmas with a roof over my head and a healthy family. I am always grateful during the holiday season, and it truly is rewarding to give back. Try turning your event into a collaboration with local charities or Toys For Tots. Rock N’ Events will be throwing a holiday toy drive with Toys for Tots: Play-doh under the Mistletoe! We feel it’s important to give to those in need and have a great party at the same time. #MeetMeUnderTheMistletoe

There’s a reason this is absolutely my most favorite time of the year. It seems that world just gets a little bit nicer at this time of year. We stop thinking about ourselves, and help our neighbors. The spirit of the holiday season inspires me to be kinder and not take anything for granted.

On The Eighth Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DON’T Forget to Gift

It’s not only the time to give back, it’s the time to give to all your loved ones! It’s a fun way to let you guests know you care, and when it comes to corporate holiday parties, gifting let’s them know how appreciated and valued they are within your company. Not every gift needs to be big and extravagant, sometimes the smallest gestures can go a long way! Try and personalize each gift, and remember that not everyone shares your same taste!


On The Ninth Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DON’T Procrastinate!

It’s that time of year where everyone is celebrating, and that means that vendors might be hard to come by if you wait until the last minute! Make sure to book your venue with plenty of time; this should be your first step after building a budget. Send out the invitations at the right time, not too early, not too late. As there are so many holiday parties to attend, give your guests the gift of time- time to mark your event on their calendar! Once they get your invite, they’ll know it’s the place to be.

If you know you can’t do it alone, book that event planner! A Rock N’ Events party is one you want to be at.  #HoHoHowDoWeDoIt?! With Rock N’ Events at your side, your holiday party will be the most extraordinary and memorable. You're guests will shouting out with glee, Yipee!

On The Tenth Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DON’T Forget the Entertainment

Nothing is worse than showing up a party with nothing to do! There’s nothing to pull me away from that dude in the corner who keeps talking about his cat. #PartyProblems If there were to be a photo booth or some cool interactive vendors- we might be able to handle this situation! There are so many different types of interactive vendors; from crazy food stations to cirque performers, to carnival rides, there’s no way to have a womp-womp party! Let me get my wine on and dance to this awesome live band, and end the night with late night snacks. I’ve gotta be able to stay up and wait for Santa, but if I’m bored to tears because of your holiday party… #ICan’t!

On The Eleventh Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DON’T Be So Cliche

If I see another icy blue, winter wonderland, I’m gonna go all Bah Humbug! We don’t need to see 40 christmas trees all over the ballroom either. Show me something different! Bring in real snow, or let me feel the chill vibes at the ice bar! Bring WhoVille to life. I don’t care what you do, just be creative and showcase who you are. Bring In an ice rink, like come on, how cool would that be? #GiveMeRockafeller The holidays are about celebrating each other, so let your fans cut loose and enjoy. 

On The Twelfth Day of Planning My True Love Said to Me: DON’T Forget To Have Fun

Have fun! This is the most important thing. Have a drink and let your hair down. Go all out and invest in the people who put a smile on your face year round! The holidays are a time for giving and taking stock of all that you are thankful for. Show your guests you care by inviting them to a great party where they can let go of all the holiday stress, and have a kickass time!

With these Do’s and Don’ts, You’ll be ROCKN' around your holiday party in style!