Who Let The Dogs Out? / by Jenny Chang

Who let the dogs out?! Who, who, who, who??? ROCK N’ EVENTS DID! Just like in the song, “the party was nice, the party was bumpin’,” and all because you’re furry friend attended!

I know that on your Big Day you want to be surrounded by all of your favorite people, but what about your favorite pups?! There are so many pawesome ways to include your precious pooch into your wedding day, and any other special events too! From dog bouquets to ring bearers, our dogs can do it all!

Sit. Stay. Read!


If your dog is strutting down the aisle with you, they should be looking fabulous too! Doggy bouquets are the perfect way to dress up your pup. Take inspiration from a wedding florist and design a fresh collar of flowers for your special escort. Or ditch the bouquet completely and carry your puppy down the aisle instead! Have you seen those pictures of puppies in a tux or a flower girl dress?


Give your pup a purpose by giving them a job to do during your ceremony. There are so many ways to do this! Let your pup carry a "HERE COMES THE BRIDE" sign. If your pup isn’t trained yet, it’s time to get them schooled!

Our furry friends are so important to us, so give them the spotlight, and let your flower girl walk your pup down the aisle! These fresh floral leashes are the perfect puppy accessory. If your dog has a hard time walking, let him take a ride in style down the aisle in a puppy wagon! Or just forget the kids altogether! Human children are over rated, it’s all about the fur babies now!


It’s a dog eat dog world? How about they eat cake instead?! Get your pup a smaller, dog-safe, replica of your cake, that way they don’t go running after yours! Adding a customized cake topper is another pawsome way to incorporate man’s best friend! They’re so doggone cute that they deserve a place atop your cake with you!


I have found that often, wedding destinations are pup-friendly, so why not embrace the idea and invite your guests’ furry friends too?? During the special day, give out special wedding favors to those four-legged friends in attendance! Personalized dog treats are a sure way to get two paws way up! These ideas work not only for weddings, but also for the many other events that Rock N’ Event’s offer too! Let’s just say, your doggy’s birthday too! ;)

Barking BrigadeJust imagine. You turn around and look out the back window to see a mob of puppies seeing you off. How can you not smile at that?! I know just thinking about it makes me laugh my ass off!! Drop the tradition of having a car trailing tin cans, have your fur-baby chase after you, or even a whole gaggle of puppies! Plus, this would make for some rockn’ photos! “Hey, yippie, yi, yo!”


I know how important my puppies are to me, but boy can they be a handful at times!

As much fun as it will be including your special pooch, don’t FURget that not every dog has their day. so make sure to hire someone to look after your best furry friend! The more rehearsal time your pup can get, the better. As we know, practice makes pawfect!

June Carter Cash once said “Every dog has his day unless he loses his tail, then he has a weak-end.” Your pooch is just as special to us as they are to you, and your Wedding Weekend will be nothing but amazing with your pup and Rock N’ Events at your side!

Let’s party, and raise the ruff!