OH BABY | 7 Rockin' Baby Shower Games! / by Jenny Chang

Here Comes Baby! Now it’s time to bring your closest fans together and celebrate with a baby shower. You aren’t giving birth to a basic baby, so why have a basic baby shower?! Games are a staple to any shower, but leave the baby bingo behind, let people say the word baby, and dear lord, don’t make anyone eat chocolate out of a diaper! Rock N’ Events is here to show you 7 baby shower games that will rock your little ones’ baby shower!

1. Measure the Baby Bump

This game is fun because you don’t see it very often, and it is a really quick and easy game! The first step is to get everyone together. Have someone go around with ribbon and let your guests guess how long of the string to cut. Once everyone has their measurements, have mommy to be measure her belly! Whoever’s string was closest wins! #Winning Try using cute ribbon or yarn instead of something ugly and simple. Bring in some greenery with a floral garland for the mom’s bump measurement #FlowersForBaby!

2. Baby Bottle Chug

It’s chugging time! The baby bottle chug is great for a crowd that likes to party #It’sLitBaby Get baby bottles and fill them with your beverage of choice. I say juice for mom and beer for the rest. Get everyone lined up, and on the count of three everybody chug! Make sure no one cheats by unscrewing the top. Whoever finished first is the champion. This game is sure to bring great photos, and no one will forget the time they chugged out of a baby bottle!

3. My Water Broke

What do you get when you mix little baby figurines, and ice… A super easy game that requires no effort! This game is so fun, and hilarious. Everyone gets an ice cube with a little baby inside the ice cube, and the first person to get to their baby and yell “my water broke” wins!

4. Playdoh Babies

Get handsy with this activity! Build a baby out of playdoh and let the mommy to be choose her favorite. Whoever makes the best baby wins! #MakinBabies Shake things up and divide into categories like ugliest baby, cutest baby, most creative baby, and so on. As long as you get people involved you are sure to have a Rockin’ time.

5. What Will Baby Look Like?

This is one of my favorite unique baby shower games. It’s like those old flip books where you get to choose each specific trait for the face of the newborn from mom and dad! Cut strips of the parents’ faces and let the guests come up with all crazy kinds of combinations. No one baby will be the same! #GuessWho

6. Cornhole

Now I know you’re thinking to yourself, Elise- this is just a regular game, but what would you say if I told you to change the bean bags you toss. Gone are the days of basic bean bags, Turn those tossers into cute little spermies and watch them fly! #CanYouImagine?! I’m dying over here just thinking about it! This one had to come in as an honorable mention because of how funny this would be. Just be careful to remember who will be attending your shower, and don’t let the little kiddos try talking you into the “where do babies come from” conversation #Yikes!

7. Blindfolded Diaper Change

Last but not least test your diaper changing skills with this fun shower game. Using dolls, have your guests put on blindfolds and change the diapers! Get in on this tournament style #BabyMadness. Let mom and dad square off and see who can do it the fastest! It’s games like these that get people on their feet and laughing for days.

Baby shower games don’t have to be dull and a pain in the ass! Treat your guests to killer prizes and fun games, I promise your fans will remember this experience forever. And if you have no clue how to put any of this together, let Rock N’ Events come in and show you how it’s done! Now get out there and make some babies so we can get a start on the baby shower fun!