The 411 on Event Marketing: The RNE & JC Way / by Jenny Chang

There’s event marketing and then there’s ROCKNEVENTS event marketing. Jenny Chang, the founder and CEO of Rock N Events, has created an event designing empire. Whether you’re in need of a unique product launch party or you’re getting married in fabulous Costa Rica, Rock N Events has tried-and-true marketing techniques that will take your party from traditional to trendy.

Here’s the 411 on event marketing, the ROCKNEVENTS and Jenny Chang way, of course:

The Prominence of Social Media

Social media, we can’t say this enough, is power at your fingertips. One of the most effective ways to communicate, create brand awareness, and build a following is on social media. The best social media platforms for effective event marketing are Facebook, Twitter, and our personal favorite, Instagram.

Social media is about more than just spilling the deets of your everyday life. Social media brings business, loyal customers, and a prominent fan base. For instance, our rockin’ Instagram is filled with gorgeous and lavish photos featuring our modern wedding design, stunning brides, and ostentatious corporate events. Visuals are a must in this game.

Event Marketing

We’ve got a kick-ass, unapologetically opulent event coming up.

So, what do we do?

We take to social media to market that event. Here’s how it goes down in true ROCKNEVENTS fashion:

  • Event announcement - Use a catchy phrase or hashtag to draw the attention of your target audience.

  • Share about the event often - Social media feeds, especially Twitter, update fast and often.

  • Use visuals - Images and videos catch the viewer’s eye. Text gets boring, speak through beautiful images and impressive videos.

  • Engagement - Engaging with your audience is key to building buzz around an event. A business that engages with its audience will build and retain that audience.

  • Behind the scenes action and event teasers - Entice your audience with behind the scenes footage of the event designing process and post video teasers to get viewers hyped.

  • Call to action - Once the viewer has seen your content, what do you want them to do now? Ask them to click the link in your bio, comment down below, or share their posts to your brand hashtag.

Put these tactics into effect for your next event and you’re guaranteed to see excitement and engagement on your social media platforms.

Pre & Post Event Blogging

Blogging is a special and sincere outlet for communicating with your audience. You can talk about anything you want and be whoever you want to be. If you want to create build-up and enthusiasm around an event, consider posting a pre-event blog article. You can give a sneak peek into the behind the scenes designing process or even conduct an interview that corresponds with the event.

Once the event has passed, your guests have had the luxurious experience of a lifetime, and are now hungover in bed, it’s time to write a post-event article. Go the exclusive route and invite partygoers to write a guest post about their compelling experience at the event. This opens the door for honest and trustworthy publicity that all readers love.

Event Celebration

Press Release

All press is good press. That may not be the case here, but hey, if you’re throwing badass parties you’ll get badass press coverage! Scout your area for local journalists who cover events. Invite them to your chic party and offer them a shot of tequila.

This way, you’re guaranteed good press (wink wink). If there’s going to be a speaker or special guest at your event, allow the journalist to interview them. Getting the attention of the press means getting the attention of the public. This is how you create a brand that excels above its competitors and soars above the expectations of its clients.

ROCKNEVENTS is about creating luxe events that bring out your inner party. Our events are carefully curated to your personality and taste, making us different than the rest. Through every detail, we embody the meaning of modern wedding planning. You want a one-of-a-kind experience for your next event. We make that happen. Call us today to find out how. (424) 272-6477