7 Rockn' Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Venue / by Jenny Chang

Your destination is the first step in the planning process. Once you have your venue, you have done 90% of the work! Ok, not really, but that’s what it feels like #LOL Picking a venue can be one of the trickiest parts of planning your Big Day, but Rock N’ Events is here with 7 tips & tricks to help you choose the perfect venue!

1. Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

The first tip to picking the right venue is finding your ideal number. It’s all about budget, budget, budget! When you are looking at your overall wedding costs, about 40% of your overall budget will go towards your destination. Many venues require food and beverage minimums, and urge you to take advantage of their in-house catering. If you want more control over your wedding menu, look for a venue that allows outside caterers. This allows you to find the space you love, without having to spend an arm & a leg! #Ouch Your venue is one of the foundations of your wedding day, and it’s important to make your investments where it counts! Some venues will even throw in a complementary suite for you and yours to enjoy! #WeddingAfterParty

2. Where They At Tho?

Whether you are getting married in the middle of LA or the middle of Timbuktu, make sure that your venue is as convenient as possible for your guests. If you have a lot of local fans coming to help you celebrate, look for a central location! But, if you are flying everyone in from across the globe, make sure you look at proximity to airports and hotels, as these are the areas your guests will be. At Rock N’ Events we are pros at hotel blockings, some hotels even give discounted rates for large blocks! #DiscountsForDays

3. They See Me Rollin’

When you are looking into your venue and destination, don’t forget about parking! Nothing is worse than your guests missing parts of your celebration because they were driving around the block trying to find parking. Many venues will have parking lots, and some even offer a valet service! #RideWitMe on the shuttle from your own private parking lot to the party palace! If parking is far away, offer your guests transportation alternatives like shuttles, or golf carts, or a PARTY BUS! Just sayin’, it’d be pretty cool.

4. On the Outside Looking In

Outside vendors are always a good thing to bring up when speaking with a venue coordinator. Some venues only allow you to work with their preferred vendors, and that can seriously limit your choices, especially when it comes to catering. If you have a specific need for your caterer, or any vendor, you shouldn’t have to settle! Finding the best vendors that you vibe with means you will love your Big Day that much more! #OnlyTheBestForOurStars

5. It’s All About That Paper… Let’s talk Permits

It’s all about asking the right questions. First off, what am I allowed and not allowed to do. If you need to have your space covered in candle light, make sure to ask the venue if they allow candles to be lit. Know what kind of permits you will need, and what type of insurance is required for you to have in order to rent out your destination. The most common types of permits are temporary use, food, alcohol, sound, and assembly permits. If you are wanting to use fireworks, or do something that you are unsure the venue will allow, ask if you need a special permit! #INeedFireworks! General wedding insurance can cost anywhere from $150-$550, but the most generic insurance costs around $185 and covers up to a million dollars worth of damage, just in case.

6. Lookin’ Good Girl!

Of course when you are looking for your perfect venue, it is important to look at the venues visual appeal! Some buildings can take your breath away, and some venues have views that kill. It all comes down to what you want as the backdrop to your Big Day! Think outside the box. We are leaving behind the ballroom blues and taking it to uncharted territories. Estate's offer a ground-up production, and many natural space allow for stunning views and a gorgeous night celebrating under the stars. When walking through your venue, look to the natural beauty, and ways it can enhance your wedding vision and design! #FlawlessFromHeadToToe

7. Baby It’s You!

Lastly, it is most important that you love the space you are in! You will remember this place for the rest of your life, your will have photos of it on your mantle. If you don’t love your venue, you won’t feel the best vibes on your Big Day! And this is the time for you to party hard and watch your space be turned into your ultimate wedding dream-board! #TrueVenueLove

We know that finding the perfect venue can be a daunting task, but Rock N’ Events is here to make sure you rock your destination, and leave knowing you found the one-- Your love and your dream venue!