How to Bring Interior Design to Your Next Rock N’ Event! / by Jenny Chang

Design can be the hardest part of planning any event! We all have an idea of what we want it to look like, but there are so many ways where design can go wrong, fall into fad, and become outdated incredibly fast. I have a simple rule, if you wouldn’t put this in your home or dream home, why have it at your event at all?! But don’t worry, Rock N’ Events is here with some tips for those who may get dizzy-eyed at the thought of coming up with a vision for their event!


I know you have all heard me say avoid Pinterest, but I will always maintain that Pinterest is a great starting off point in finding what inspires you! Start off with a Pin Board of initial pins. Go crazy and look for interior inspiration. Whatever draws your eye, and makes you say “Ooo, I like that!” #PinThatShit! Whether it be bathroom tiles that have a modern twist, or the curve an armchair, it doesn’t matter- if it makes you feel something it is important to what your aesthetic is! When I go on a #pinge I like to look for different textures and color palettes. These small details are able to be brought into your event design, through specialty linens, flatware, favors, lighting, and every other elements of design!


When you start on design, don’t think ordinary! Imagine your dream home and all the trimmings. It’s ok to mix and match patterns, colors, and textures and to dream big. In my dream house I want a walk in shower with that orangey-pink shiny small tiles that makes showering a dream! But I also want a cozy cabin feel. My brain goes in so many directions that I like to find EVERYTHING that inspires me and narrow down from there. Going out-of-the-box is great, but again, if you don’t think you would like to look at it in your home everyday, don’t use it in your event design. You’ll have to look back at these photos for years to come, and just because you thought the blue horns all over the place would look cool doesn’t mean you will love it seven years from now!

Furniture Frenzy

Not every event needs a chiavari chair! Lounge furniture is a great way to bring a cozy vibe to your next event. A sprinkling of couches, or even swinging chairs will make your fans feel like they are at the most luxurious party they’ve ever been to! Look to cushions, ottomans, and pillows to bring in pops of color and create extra seating. It’s not something people think about often enough. By combining function and design in your seating will set you apart from the rest!

A Look Into Your Blogger’s Interior Design Style Decisions

Design is something that I love talking about! For a while when I was young, I toyed with idea of being an interior designer, then again I also wanted to be a dolphin trainer, but design is something I feel I’ve always had an eye for! #Bonus- you don’t have to get in a pool to create event design. When pinning for design I start with color searches, and I look for what draws my eye initially, what elements in a photo inspire me to think creatively? For instance say you want the color pink in your event design, but you aren’t sure exactly where you want it to go. There are so many kinds of pink that once you start pinning, you will see shade you are more drawn to and you can start crossing off certain elements. Go with your gut feelings! You will know what you like, and from there your brain can take it to new levels and create something that you haven’t seen before. Inspiration can come from anywhere, that’s what’s so great about design!

Timed Design

The worst thing you could possibly do is design your event two years in advance. Save design for closer to the event, when you know you will like the way it looks and that you won’t want to change your mind! When you have six months to choose to look of your wedding, or 2 months before your gala, you know that the design will be fresh, and something you can, and have to, stick to. The more time you have, the more time you have to change your mind, and burn out your design vendors. #PleaseDon’t

We all go through design phases in our life and we change our minds every five seconds, so be careful to think about timeless design. Look to what inspires you in your everyday life, and in your home. That is the most physical Pinterest board I can think of. If you can look at your event design and say WOW, I need that in my house too, then you have a winner! And if you still are like, ‘Elise- I have no clue what inspires me and how to put it all together’, Rock N’ Events design team is more than happy to guide you into the most beautiful, classic, and truly Rock N’ Event!