5 Ways to Say Bye, Bye, Bye to Your Hangover! / by Jenny Chang

It’s Party time and I’m here for the BOOZE! This is a party weekend, and at Rock N’ Events we go hard. After a night of partying there is nothing worse than waking up the next day to the hangover monster in the mirror!

But don’t worry! We asked the team at Rock N’ Events what their fave hangover cures are, and here are 5 antidotes to kill your hangover blues!


Sleep, baby, sleep. Put on your most rockn’ sweats and sleep the day away. I know that getting up the morning after a fun night out is literally the worst… so DON’T! Close the curtains, curl up in a ball, and get some fucking rest! Hit up Club Bed, featuring DJ Pillow and MC Blanky and jam into a silent disco.

The ultimate thing to do is stay in bed, pop an advil, and BOOM rock a bye hangover! Be a friend to yourself and drink all the water, and make sure everyone in the house knows not to enter your cave, or decide that right now is the perfect time to bang the dishes around! #rude


If all you want to do is finally catch up on Stranger Things, now is the time! Binge watch that shit the way you were downing drinks the night before! Keep ‘em Coming! Make sure to get everything set up before you settle in, bring all your snacks and water to the couch and get ready for the ultimate lazy day! #hangoversaretheworst

You’ve got to fight, for your right to party! That means you sure as hell deserve to lounge around the next day! Rock N’ Events founder, Jenny Chang, knows that the best way to get rid of a hangover is by crawling in bed, ignoring all the emails, phone calls and texts, grabbing her favorite food and cuddling up to her laptop. Alcohol you later honey, I’m too busy... with Netflix! #mybedisbae

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My hangover cure will forever be a greasy breakfast! There’s nothing better than a plate full of pancakes with a side of bacon #YUM! The best part about sleeping in and getting food is that you don’t have to do it alone! Grab your friends and go get some breakfast.

But for those who can’t make it past the door, go on Doordash and order in some Pho or something warm to ease your nightmarish hangover! #coordinatorapproved! I’m not kidding when I say delivery has changed my life. If you haven’t had the chance to order takeout in your hangover slump, you are missing out! 


Hungover? Still kind of drunk from that party? Go to your liquor cabinet and scrounge up the makings for a rockn’ bloody mary! Alcohol is in my vodkabulary. Just don’t make me try and do the alphabet backwards- I can’t even do that sober!

Treat Yo Self and go for brunch. It’s the perfect excuse for some hardcore day drinking! Plus, it’s still the weekend and you deserve it. Make your hangover tomorrow’s problem, and get your drank on! #drunkinlove


Hangover kits are lifesavers! Not only are the perfect post-party favor, but they will definitely be put to good use. If you’re planning your big day and want to party like a rockstar, give your groupies the tools to recuperate the next day! Believe me when I say that rolling over and finding everything you need all in one little bag is so damn convenient! I didn’t even have to get out of bed.

Pepto I feel abysmal! Pack that kit with all of your favorite hangover tricks, and if you really want to stand out ask your coordinators to create custom hangover kits for your next event! We know our hangover cures at Rock N’ Events, and your fans will thank you for it!

You deserve to go balls to the wall crazy at every party you go to! You will have earned your lazy hangover day! Just remember if you’re going out to be safe- Uber is your best friend!  

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend baby!

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