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Enhance Your Corporate Event With the Power of Social Media by Jenny Chang

Social Media has become and is rapidly evolving as the go to tool in assisting the planning and managing of corporate events! Used to disseminate information concerning the event(s), interact with the guest list, solicit feedback, and facilitate constant engagement with the intended audience. #YAS The employment of social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and similar sites pre, during, and post the event will generate more popularity for your event to increase its success. *SHOCKER* Right…Ok maybe not, but you would be surprised how many companies don’t use social media to its fullest potential!

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FALL In Love | Rock N' Fall Editorial by Jenny Chang

November is here, and Fall is in full swing! This is my favorite time of year, where pumpkins are out and the sweaters come on-- even in the California Heat! Last month we had the opportunity to design and produce a fall inspired editorial, photographed by one of our Preferred Partners, Kevin Le Vu Photography. At Rock N’ Events we only work with the best of the best, and we are so thankful to have partnered such a chill shoot.

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Top 5 Rock N' Bridal Shower Venues by Jenny Chang

Hakuna Mimosa-- It means it’s time to get your brunch on! Ladies & Gents, your bridal shower is the perfect excuse to brunch it up and throw a fucking party baby! Save water, drink champagne! #HolyCrepe!

Our star coordinators at Rock N’ Events have brunched up our most adored brunch spots for your bridal shower.

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Fun Day Event | Free Arts & Rock N' Events by Jenny Chang

"Free Arts inspires children who have experienced hardships in the past, including abuse, neglect, poverty, and homelessness. The stars at Rock N’ Events wanted to make a difference by offering our design and vendor connections to organize Free Art’s annual ‘Fun Day’ fundraiser."

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