Love Is Brewing by Jenny Chang

From Starbucks Frappuccino loyalists to Coffee Aficionados, there is one universal truth.

Coffee brings people together.

If you sit in any coffee shop for long enough, you will find them. The couple too enthralled in each other to find a second to take a sip. He absent mindlessly stirs the coffee he has neglected, while she nervously attempts to warm her fingers around the coffee she too failed to drink while warm. Small talk turns into life ambitions, and as their talks become deeper so does the space between them. They don't realize the commotion around them and the small enough table becomes too large as they lean in to better hear the other. Is this their first date? or maybe their third? Did they meet here? Or Have they been friends for years? The couple living proof, it's not about the coffee, but the people it brings together.

Friendships are formed, business deals created and love all have one thing in common. They were most likely created around a warm cup of coffee.

What better way to celebrate love than incorporating it into your big day!

We found some awesome wedding day (Or even bridal shower) ideas such as:

  • Coffee stained invitations
  • Coffee filter flowers
  • Coffee bean wedding favors
  • Personalized coffee sleeves
  • Coffee stations

and our personal Favorite

  • Latte Art designers, creating coffee art for your guests!

We don't expect to see any coffee bridal bouquets or coffee wedding dresses. (Unless you have found them and we'd love to see those, please & thank you!)

But seeing unique and note-worthy wedding themes is what makes our days so much more entertaining!

We not only love our coffee *we are not the aficionados* (even if we are currently enjoying a cup at our second office aka local coffee spot), but we love how it brings people together in romantic & non-romantic ways!

A coffee themed wedding fits perfect with most themes and brings an air of rustic-antique feel with a side of that modern hipster flare!

We designed a "coffee" themed wedding with our Frappuccino & Aficionados in mind! Whether you go all out or just incorporate small details, we know you'll love the inspiration board we created below!

Here are some of our RNE Preferred Vendors:

Yonder Coffee                               Coffee Outpost