Rock Your Love Language! by Jenny Chang

  • A small note that found its home on the bathroom mirror just to tell you how beautiful (or handsome) you look.
  • A day when the clothes are folded, that cabinet is fixed and the shower-head no longer spits water in every direction.
  • A bouquet of roses delivered  just in time to save a rather boring work day just to show they were thinking of you.
  • A night spent in with nothing but a re-run movie and a big bowl of guiltless popcorn.
  • A night spent in each others embrace, no words, just you two.

It's not uncommon to find your heart fluttered a little harder when you skimmed one of these scenarios.

The reason (If you haven't already crammed on this book-goodness): The 5 Love Languages.

We may not be experts on love, but we are in the business of love! So we make it our business to make sure love is always on our (and everyone's) mind!

The 5 Love Languages was written by Gary Chapman and has inspired and reinforced relationships by simply telling them to discover.

The beauty in love languages? They apply to every relationship you will ever have! Romantic, familial, friendship & even work can benefit from one of these languages! (Obviously, touch should be avoided in work-related instances. We don't want any calls from HR!) It's all about finding how others receive and give love/support/encouragement.

So what are the 5 Love Languages?

Words of Affirmation

Because sometimes we just need a gentle reminder.


Acts of Service

Ryan Gosling kinda killed it with this one. *take notes men*- Build a house

Receiving Gifts

A little something that says," This reminded me of you."

Quality Time

Your undivided attention is all I need.

Physical Touch

A little reminder that, "I am here" without saying a word

Taking the online quiz is your first step in finding what your TOP love language is! Make it a fun dinner conversation or take the quiz together! That way you can both see and understand each others love language.

Love is a beautiful exchange between two people and should be celebrated everyday! Not just on your wedding day. Find your love language and share it!