Must-Have Decor for a Fab Fall Rooftop Event / by Jenny Chang

One of our most cherished times of the year is fall. As the days get shorter and the nights are longer, autumn is perfect for throwing kickass parties, wearing nothing but plaid and Louboutin booties, and sitting by the bonfire drinking with your girls. ‘Tis the season for a fab fall rooftop event, celebrating the brisk air and the contagious holiday cheer.

Here’s everything you need to know about fall decor for your rooftop soiree:

Go for a warm color scheme

All warm everythang! Whether it’s fashion, makeup, or decor, fall is the season for warm tones, organic vibes, and cozy textures. Mix bright whites and creams with your favorite warm reds, oranges, and yellows. Not only does this color scheme scream fall, but it’s also totally timeless

Pro tip: Your fall party doesn’t have to be colorful. While warm tones give us all the feels, an all-white color scheme will never go out of style. Modern wooden tables and chairs, flowy white table runners, and small white pumpkins are a unique way to incorporate fall decor at your event.

Candles make everything better

Candles are an absolute necessity for your fall rooftop event. Candles will take your table design to another level. Add golden mercury votive candles or Axum tealights to enhance the autumn ambiance with the glow of candlelight.

Fall Table Decor

Incorporate nature

There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying the city from a rooftop party while taking in the beauty of nature. Place fall-colored leaves on the floors and pine cones on the dessert tables, creating a fabulous fall fairytale. Using organic elements like these allows for the perfect city-nature combo.

String lights or go home

There are few things more beautiful than a string light canopy. Wow your guests and light up your party in the perfect way and place string lights across the entire venue, creating a picturesque scene and romantic ambiance. Not only are string lights absolutely beautiful, but they are also functional, too!

Add a bonfire & smores bar.

We never say no to tequila, but a smores bar is a necessity.

Set the scene with slouchy couches, fuzzy blankets, and faux printed rugs surrounding a beautiful toasty bonfire. Off to the side, create a smores bar filled with rich chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows, and a lifetime supply of Irish coffee.

The holidays are quickly approaching and before we know it, New Year’s will be here. Autumn is the time to wind down, spend time with your friends and family, and snuggle up in the chilly weather. The best way to do this? Throw a badass fall event!

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