Rock it! Not Repeat it! / by Jenny Chang

Groundhog’s day is coming up and we want spring Mr.Groundhog! Spring means wedding season is almost upon us, and we are ready to go! But that also means we have to be as creative and as out of the box as possible to rock your celebration. This is your big day, don’t let it be the wedding that keeps repeating! Rock N’ Events is here to help you have a one-of-a-kind wedding day that is sure to blow your fans away.

One After Another

We have all seen the ivory, gold, and baby pink look. We are done with the rustic look. Let’s think big and timeless baby! Ignore the fads and trends, and when you look back at your wedding day, it won’t be a cringe-worthy experience! There are so many different design styles for your big day. Be unique to who you are as a couple and your fans will rave about how perfect your day was for YOU! Leave them saying “Oh, they would do something like that. It was so perfect!#BlowThemAway

The 411 on Pinterest

Lizzie McGuire here: Don’t be a wedding repeater! It’s so easy to see what you like on Pinterest and just copy that look. How does this make you different? It doesn’t. Go crazy and think of what you want before going to Pinterest! Don’t let it bog you down with the details we have already seen. Use Pinterest as a guide for color palettes and inspiration. Cookie cutter weddings will bore your crowd, and that’s not so Rockin! #SnoozeFest If you don’t know how to go out of the box, let our designers at Rock N’ Events come up with something the likes of which you have never seen before!

Groundhog Day

We have all seen the movie where Bill Murray repeats his day over and over again. We don’t want this for your wedding! It’s your time to shine as a couple, and you only have one shot! We don’t have the luxury of repeating your wedding day, so it has to stand out from the get go #TakeSomeRisks! Just make sure that you’re standing out for the right reasons. Step out from the shadows and shine because it was timeless, elegant, and above all, a kickass party!

#BYOW- Be Your Own Wedding! Show who you are together and get crazy. If you want that step and repeat or want John Legend singing your first dance song- Go for it! The things that are special to you will stand out to your fans because it represents who you are, not what someone on a Pinterest board told you to like. And if at the end of the day you still need help, Rock N’ Events is here to help you Rock your one of a kind wedding day!