5 Reasons Rock N’ Events is Thankful This Year / by Jenny Chang

With Thanksgiving weekend underway, we wanted to take the time and reflect on what we have to be thankful for at Rock N’ Events. On this black Friday we want to skip the shopping and go right to the thanking.

Here are 5 reasons Rock N’ Events is #Grateful

1. Thank You Fam Bams & Friends

First off, we want to thank our friends and family for supporting everything we do. Without your love and support we would not be able to step out into the world and be our best selves! Thank you for your unwavering encouragement and for always being there. We can’t forget our furry family members either- to our fluffy friends, we want to say thank you for always being a cuddly companion, and greeting us at the door with a smile.

2. Thank you Stars

Without our star members, we wouldn’t be here. On behalf of the Rock N’ Events team, we would like to thank all of star members, be it past, present, and future! You are the reason we get to throw all these amazing celebrations. We love to throw a great party, and so do you! #RageIntoTheNewYear Thank you for letting us into your world and giving us the true honor of being a part of your big day. It means so much that you trust us to be your guide and friend throughout your planning process.

3. Thank you Partners

This Thanksgiving we would also like to recognize our amazing partners. These vendors are incredibly hard working and have provided us with only the best quality service and products. I mean it when I say that without our partners, our events would not be able to come to life! All the imagining of lighting, design, and decor couldn’t come true without the professionals who provide, and know how to do it all!

4. Thank You to our Biggest Fans

Our fans are the realest and most rockn’ stars out there! The Rock N’ Events team is grateful for every single like, follow, and comment. Your loyalty to us means more than you could know. And for those of you that take the time to read our blogs and follow us along our journey, we really do appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

5. Thank you from the RNE Blogger, herself.

Lastly, I want to personally thank the #amazing team here at Rock N’ Events. I couldn’t do any of this without them. Every member of this rockn’ squad puts in so much effort, and everything is done with such care and attention to detail. We have become a big family, and as someone whose family is far away, it is amazing coming into work with a group of women who care so deeply for each other. And to our fearless leader, Miss Jenny Chang, thank you for providing an extraordinary environment for us to grow, learn, and kill it out in the world!

Take the time this weekend to say THANK YOU to those around you. The smallest of gestures can go a long way. Thank you to our Rockn’ fans, partners, star members, and family.

Thank you for giving Rock N’ Events a reason to go out and move mountains!

#SoMuchLove #Grateful #RockNEvents #ThanksForGiving