Scrumptious Interactive Food Stations Your Event Can’t Live Without / by Jenny Chang

Bold tiered layered cakes and fine dining will never go out of style, but amping up your food and dessert station is an absolute must.

If you know ROCKNEVENTS, you know we love to break the rules and put a unique twist on traditions. So why should your food station be any different? Instead of opting for the traditional tiered wedding cake, let’s go outside the box and implement an interactive food station that is sure to wow your guests.

Scrumptious Interactive Food Stations Your Event Can’t Live Without.image1.png

Sushi Bar

If you’re an avid lover of all things sushi, like most of us, then a sushi bar is an out-of-this-world way to incorporate your favorite seafood into your wedding or event. What exactly goes into a sushi bar? Anything your heart desires! Have your caterer prepare your favorite sushi rolls - spicy tuna, California roll, dragon roll, and maybe even some signature rolls. Trust us, this is something your party guests have never seen before.

Incorporate Your Heritage

One of our favorite ways to curate an inspiring menu is to incorporate the heritage of our party throwers. No matter where you are from, your culture has an original perspective on some delicious dishes. Whether you’re Hispanic, Asian, German, or Italian, having dishes from your heritage will create an awesome and cultural experience for your party goers. If you are a diehard foodie, this is your perfect opportunity to offer unique dishes that will set your party apart from the rest.

Signature Cocktail Bar

This might be a cliche, but there’s literally nothing better than scrumptious cocktails and a good time. Have your bartender invent your top five favorite cocktails and serve them at your loud party. Make sure there’s something for everyone and don’t be afraid to create something never seen before. Remember, tossing the rulebook to the side is the signature of a badass party thrower.

Candy Galore

We don’t care how old you are, a candy bar is the freaking sh*t. Select your favorite candy assortment and create a candy station for the dessert portion of your party. Our favorite twist on the classic candy bar takes what some would call childish and turns it into an adult-friendly dessert - gummies soak in vodka.

Did you say...cheese and wine?

Cheese and wine is the ultimate pairing. Whether it’s served during cocktail hour or throughout the night, a wine and cheese food station is going to wow your guests. Take your party to the vineyards of Italy with a delectable wine experience.

Have a wine expert couple the most complementary wines and cheeses to create a spectacular experience. Not only is this setup absolutely delicious, it’s a beautiful sight to see. With wooden charger plates and stunning wine glasses, this food station can totally play off the vibe of your event.

One crucial aspect of a successful event is providing delectable food options that people actually enjoy. We have been to too many parties where the food is subpar. Every detail of your wedding or event is important, even the food. Incorporate these scrumptious interactive food stations at your next event, and it’s sure to be kickass.

At ROCKNEVENTS every single party we plan is an experience to remember. Contact us today and let’s get started on planning a worthwhile event.