The RNE Guide to a Rockin’ Bridesmaid Proposal / by Jenny Chang

Your wedding day consists of an abundance of memorable moments with those you treasure most. Whether it be the dress, saying “I do” to your man, or going wild all night long (we’re talking tequila), having your girls by your side is just as important.

Remember the exhilaration you felt when he got down on one knee? The bridesmaid proposal is just as exciting, maybe a little more (don’t tell the groom we said that).

Your wedding day is the most anticipated day of your life! How could you do it without your main girls by your side? Read on for our bridesmaid proposal recommendations.

Box of Goodies

When proposing to your best friends, you can go sassy and fun or sentimental and meaningful. Fortunately, a box of goodies can go both ways. When creating your bridesmaid's box, tailor the box to her personality and style. Whether it’s a box of bath goodies or a kit full of her favorite skincare essentials, be sure to include a handwritten note asking for her hand down the aisle.

GNO (Girls’ Night Out)

A girls night out is the perfect way to ring in your bridesmaids. Take your girls to your favorite luxurious spot downtown, order some food and drinks, and propose a toast. This picture-perfect moment is bound to sweep them off their feet and saying “I do” to being your bridesmaid!

Bridesmaid Proposal

Did you say… Jewelry?

Diamonds, or any form of jewelry, truly are a girl’s best friend. Surprise each of your potential bridesmaids with a beautiful piece of jewelry. A necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings will suffice. Include a meaningful card asking her to be by your side during the most important day of your life. Not only is this a special bridesmaid proposal, but it’s also something she can wear on your wedding day and keep forever.

Celebration Kit

With your wedding day around the corner and the best bridesmaids right by your side, there is so much to celebrate. Grab some wooden boxes and fill them with confetti. Place your favorite bottle of wine, shot glasses, a mini bottle of tequila and some Advil inside with a little note. If you and your girls love to party, this option is the perfect proposal for your wild wedding weekend.  

Silky Customized Robes

Every bridesmaid needs a silky and luxurious robe for her hair and makeup session. Put together cute gift bags with a beautiful robe embroidered with your bridesmaid’s name on it. The best part about these customizable gifts is they are something your girls will get to keep for a lifetime. Plus, they make for an Instagram-worthy photo.

We know how important it is to celebrate your wedding day with your girls by your side. With these ROCKNEVENTS approved proposal ideas, you’re sure to win them over. If you’re like us, and your extravagant bridesmaid proposal needs to match the luxury of your wedding, you’re in the right place. Contact us today and let’s get started planning your wedding already!