The RNE Guide: Slaying Your Halloween Party / by Jenny Chang

Throwing a Halloween party in 2018 is no joke. We may not be kids anymore, but luxurious Halloween parties have taken the world by freaking storm. From palatial venues to creepy and epic decor, slaying your Halloween party is an absolute must. Get ready to take your costume to a whole other level and make some kickass memories!

Here’s how it’s done in true ROCKNEVENTS fashion:

Set The Scene

Keep your guests on their toes with haunted house vibes by sprinkling gory scenes throughout your party, making it modern and trendy.

At the entrance of your venue, hide a fog machine and red light beneath a spider web canopy so your guests will be greeted with a sense of mystery as soon as they arrive. Recreate scenes from your favorite horror flicks with props, faux blood, and luxurious key elements to bring it all to life.

Picture this: A family having a tea party complete with a dainty tea set, delicious (real) finger sandwiches, and a brain salad. Can you feel the chills?

Take Scary to Another Level

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, chances are you’re already a lover of all things scary and spooky. The key to a successful Hallows’ Eve party is adding the perfect amount of creepy decorations, live-action props, and live entertainment.

The last thing you want is guests so freaked out they’re flocking to other parties. However, pop-out actors and out-of-the-box entertainment are moderately scary additions that will amp up your party’s scare factor without sending party-goers running in the other direction.

Scandalous Dessert Selection

Get loud with your dessert assortment and select delicious Halloween-themed treats. Go gory with eyeball liquor-soaked gummies, cookies dripping in faux blood, and brain cupcakes. Or keep it PG and dress up a cupcake with witch hat decorations and blood-red caramel apples.

Halloween Party Desserts

Over-The-Top Costumes

There’s one thing you can’t skip as the host of a trendy Halloween party, and that’s an extraordinary costume. Dress up as your favorite Game of Thrones character or throw it back to your guilty-pleasure 80’s rock band. Whichever costume you go with, make sure you do it right and don’t miss a beat. We’re talking wigs, makeup, and even the tiniest details.

The goal: Look like the real damn thing!

Intricate Design Elements

Decorate your venue with creative and elaborate design elements. While creepy is completely necessary, adding beautiful decorations are just as enthralling. Throw in traces of stunning decor elements like pumpkins overflowing with succulents and twinkling orange lights in the trees. If you’re feeling extra creative, have your bartender prepare spooky cocktails consisting of dry ice, berries, and of course, vodka. Set out cocktail-filled potion glasses, flashing lights, and eerie music.

Halloween is right around the corner. If you’re committed to throwing a badass Halloween party, contact ROCKNEVENTS to get the job done. Our design process is personal and elaborate. We take an idea and create an everlasting memory from it. You want a one-of-a-kind experience for your friends, family, and guests. We make that happen. Call us today to find out how.