High Standard Events / by Jenny Chang


The event industry is constantly revolving around innovation, change, and keeping up with the latest trends. One of the most buzzworthy trends popping up at celebrations across the US - the implementation of CBD and Cannabis products. 


Particularly in states where it’s been legalized (we’re looking at YOU, California + Colorado), both CBD and THC (Cannabis) have been shown to have numerous health benefits including alleviating anxiety and muscle pain, and many beauty and aesthetic benefits as well (hello, clear skin!). 

CBD and Cannabis elements have been trickling their way into social events and weddings all over the country more and more throughout this past year. Model and TV Personality,  Kim Kardashian, threw a CBD themed bash for her fourth child, Psalm where she surprised her guests with a CBD bar and massive amounts of CBD-infused party favors. She even added some cannabis floral elements to the mix for some extra design points! 

Brides-to-be have also been researching new ways to incorporate these elements into their wedding weekends as well. CBD and THC activist, Morgan English, describes cannabis bath bomb wedding favors as a celebration must-have. She even expresses her personal plans to include these in her own wedding party in her article, This Cannabis Life Plans a Wedding,



However, while CBD and Cannabis are rapidly growing trends, it’s important to be responsible and be sure to include clear signage when using these products at any social event. While many enjoy the subtle buzz that comes along with THC, there are also plenty of guests who will instead opt for the non-psychoactive route with CBD. This precaution can be implemented best by displaying signs near any infused items, as well as providing a private area for users who may be using THC products.

Even though CBD is popular, it might not be for everyone so it’s very important to create an oil-free space as well as oil-free products for guests. It is also a good idea to include clear verbiage in your invitations so guests know what to expect. Don’t forget to remind guests to leave their little ones and furry friends at home. 

We were unable to fight the urge to dip our toes into this new and exciting movement, and with that we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with catering sensation, PopCultivate



With over 50,000 followers on Instagram and featured on several outlets like The Food Network, Founder and Executive Chef, Chris Yang is here to turn up the heat! Also known as, “Scientist turned Chef” established a successful culinary business by combining both his passions: Food and Science and introduced his spin on fine dining with some cannabis spice (if you DARE)! Yang and his team create infused or non-infused dishes and drinks for party-goers around the world.



Combining forces with ROCKNEVENTS’ creative abilities and PopCultivate’s genius culinary expertise, we can’t wait to see what magical experiences await. 

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