5 Ways to Incorporate Live Animals Into Your Next Rock N’ Event! / by Jenny Chang


We love our dogs and cats, but what about our more exotic animal friends? The animal kingdom is so diverse, and having an animal at your event will take it to a whole nother level! You’re going to hear your fans roar and rave over your living scenery. Man’s best friend is no longer the only animal that can be a part of your big day! Rock N’ Events has come up with the 5 ways to rock the animal world at your next big event.

1. Strike A Pose

Give me the feline stare ladies! Vogue, vogue, strike a pose… with that fierce tiger cub in your lap. Just imagine having the most perfect and jaw dropping instas for weeks to come! Animals bring in another element to your photo booth. The unexpected quality means you will be capturing genuine responses, not just posed photos! Cat got your tongue? Use a bird instead! Big birds have so much personality and grandeur, how can they not pop!? Or watch your background come to life as butterflies swirl around your head and land on your nose. #ButterflyBeauty

2. Let Em' Loose  

Slither on the dance floor with snakes all over. Your guests won’t forget that Britney Spears python moment! Best instagram ever #SlitheringSentation There are so many animals that your guests can interact with to take your event to a whole new level. Have peacocks strutting around the venue, or gallop in on horseback and wow the crowd! If you truly want to create an unforgettable experience, set up elephant rides for your fans. It’s the experience, and memories that people take away from your event. If you can’t go to a certain place, bring the destination to you!

3. Wake-Up Your Day

The shapes that are made in nature are some of the most beautiful images to the eye! How amazing would it be if all of a sudden your environment came alive, and you could literally feel the wall fluttering. #WOAH Create an arch made of butterflies, or lightning bugs as lighting elements. Create a pop of color with fun animals, like flamingos in to pool! By using the natural colors of the animals, you can enhance the design. The animals become living scenery. One of my favorite images that I can’t get out of my head is a wall covered in chameleons. You walk up and BOOM they start to match your dress?! Can you even imagine! #HowAmazing At Rock N’ Events, we love to use animals to bring that "something different" and leave a standing impact on your guests.

4. Who Let the Doves Out? 

Animal releases are great ways to literally bring your event to life! Be it doves, puppies, or butterflies, animal releases can create a swarm of emotion, that your fans won’t soon forget. It’s these emotions and memories that your guests will take away! Be one with nature baby! #ReleaseTheDoves The stampede of puppies coming your way will kill you with cuteness, plus you are bound to get some amazing reaction shots.

5. Ditch The Card Box

We have all been that person at the party who can’t leave the pets alone!! Instead of hanging out alone with them, take one home! Forego any kind of registry and do an animal adoption station. Have someone bring the cats and dogs and give the gift of a new home for a furry little friend instead of a toaster #GiftingDoneRight There are so many animals looking for happy homes, why not take the time to give a little? And honestly how could see those little faces and not get excited?!

Animals come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes, and can become living scenery at your event! Wow your guests with experiences and interactions they couldn’t have anywhere else in the world. That’s the kind of Rockin’ Event you want! #PartyAnimal