6 Rock N’ Ways to Bring Mardi Gras to Your Big Day! / by Jenny Chang

It’s a Mardi Gras wedding Y’all! Gone are the days of having a purple, green and yellow wedding to incorporate a Mardi Gras theme #Gross. There are so many ways to bring out the spirit of Mardi Gras without being cliche or over the top! Bring out the best of the celebration, and leave behind the topless ladies. This is a classy affair! With Mardi Gras right around the corner on February 28th, if you don’t know how to get past the peacock feathers and beads, let Rock N’ Events show you 6 ways to incorporate Mardis Gras into your wedding day.

1. Masks For Everyone!

Masks were originally worn during Mardi Gras to conceal people’s identity, and as a way for them to mingle within whatever social class they desired. Anonymity added to the excitement and majesty of the evening. Bring some flair and spice to your fans by giving away masks as favors. Watch your guests dance, mingle, and drink the night away in style! #FierceFans Find masks that mean something to who you are as a couple, or that match your colors. These favors won’t be thrown away, we can guarantee it!

2. Bring Out the Big Brass Band

Mardi Gras is all about JAZZ baby! #JazzCat! Move to the rhythm and blues, and have a live jazz band perform for your reception. Your guests will be on their feet and swingin’ in no time. Rock N’ Events loves to throw a killer party, and one of the most important elements is your music! Feel the jazzy vibes and your fans will be raving over how fun and awesome it was. Don’t go with elevator jazz, feel the bayou pumping through the air and go crazy!

3. Desserts Got Me Feelin’ Fat Tuesday!

No, you don’t need a peacock cake covered with feathers and fake beads. Also, please don’t make people eat purple and green cake! Stick to classic Mardi Gras foods, but do them with a twist! Instead of a cake, try a dessert station with an assortment of french desserts. King cakes are a fun way to get your fans involved- whoever finds the baby gets a special prize! Better yet, hide the little trinket in your wedding cake! You never know where it could be- just let people know that they are looking for the little guy. #SafetyFirst! Beignets, are the perfect warm treat to have that will make your mouth sing. First off it’s fried dough, second- it’s covered in powdered sugar. How can you go wrong?! You can’t. Wash down the treats with a nice mint Julep and you will be set for the night!

4. As Pretty as a Magnolia in May

The Fleur De Lis is a classic staple in Mardi Gras imagery! Find ways to use the symbol in your stationery or even in lighting. Gobos are perfect for projecting onto walls or a dance floor, and brings it all together. If you are looking for a something blue, find a blue fleur de lis pin, or sew in a patch and have the little detail for your photographer to catch. Use the fleur de lis on your cake, in your invitations, and much more! #FleurDeLisRealness

5. Second Line in New Orleans

Parades are obviously a major part and at the true heart of Mardi Gras. Make your own parade entrance or exit! This is called the second line! Flambeaux is an event where torches light the way for parade goers. You will be traveling down the street, looking amazing, and being accompanied by the best and biggest jazz band in town! I can tell you your fans will be lining the street to see your parade. No floats here, just lots of love, booze, and laughter! By incorporating a parade into your big day, you get to show off your new marriage not only to your closest fans, but to your new groupies in the Quarter waiting to wish you good luck!

6. We Gonna Take You All the Way Down… To Bourbon Street!

It’s time for a trip down the bayou and straight into the heart of New Orleans! Take a trip to the french quarter and do a destination wedding. Nothing says Mardi Gras more than being in the center of all the action #LouisiannaTurnUp! Rock your second line, eat your cake and

Laissez les bons temps rouler… or Let the Good Times Roll!

Mardi gras is less about the look and feel of what’s happening, and more about the spectacle and joy of your closest friends and family together celebrating love! As Arthur Hardy would say, “It’s in our soul to have Mardi Gras”, and with Rock N’ Events at your side, your big day will ten times better than any Mardi Gras parade could ever be!