A Closer Look | Indian Wedding Editorial / by Jenny Chang

In June 2016, my associates and I had the great honor to design and produce our Indian Wedding | Editorial photographed by William Innes. It goes without being said (But, I'll say it anyway!), that my associates and I are truly grateful for the chance to work with some of the best service vendors in today's Wedding & Special Events industry. The editorial was covered in details provided by some of my favorite design vendors. Bollywood dancers from Karmagraphy pranced for our cinematographer, HD Studio.

When piecing together all the design elements to our Indian Wedding | Editorial, I was determined to take all of the elements in the Indian Culture and add a clean, modern and timeless twist to it. The editorial was in a charming mansion in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Our photographer William Innes, swooned us again by capturing all the details Rock N' Events was determined to highlight in this timeless and most elegant editorial. The day was covered in warm and cool colors, natural and romantic lighting, majestic Bollywood dancers, cool air from our carved ice, and the fresh scent from the richest flowers. 

One of my most trusted florists, Winnie Van Heerden from FlorUnique has partnered with us again for our Indian Wedding Editorial, and I am truly happy that she accepted my invitation to join us. During our design consultation, Winnie and I combined the flower type, color, and quantity of each stem for this editorial. We took a trip to her warehouse to find scraps to build a flower roof structure for the reception space head table. 

My good friend and lighting design partner from Pacific Event Lighting, joined us that day to give the space the color that our flowers and event decor could not. The up-lights and spot-lighting was e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g to me! I was able to change the temperature of the room with the gift of lighting. Rock N' Events incorporated romantic lighting from our in-house design rentals. 

One of the most proud sculptures we had for our editorial was the Ganesha ice sculpture designed by Carving Ice. The detail stationery designs provided by Azure Couture, added a nice touch to our tablescape decor. 

Frontier Heritage dressed our bride with dazzling jewelry and luxurious bridal gowns. The teal, yellow, gold and fuschia colors complimented our event design. I was blessed to have work with Beauty Marks Henna that provided the most detailed henna designs on my bride's gorgeous hands. William, our photographer, didn't for a second miss out on the opportunity to shoot the intricate details

Tablescape decor was amplified with the fancy and incomparable tabletop rentals provided by Borrowed Blu. The details from Borrowed Blu accompanied the most detailed and wild linens from our specialty linen partner, Wildflower Linens.

I can't explain how incredible the vibes were -- especially the sweet ones. Sweetness filled the destination with our henna designed cake created by, Rooney Girl Bakeshop. The vibrant and oh-so delicious cake was everything we needed to complete our editorial.