GET HYPED | Your Guide to Incorporating Interactive Vendors Into Your Wedding! / by Jenny Chang

Weddings are getting bigger and bigger, and you deserve to have nothing but the best on your BIG DAY! Give your fans something to “Oooo” and “Ahhhhh” about, and let them get in on the action. There are so many ways to incorporate interactive vendors into your wedding, and at Rock N’ Events we know just how to make your wildest wedding fantasies come true!

Cirque Du So CRAY!!

Wow your fans with aerialists and specialty acts. What’s crazier that watching someone hang over the dance floor as a living centerpiece?! NOTHING! Your fans’ jaws will drop when they walk into your event and are surrounded by a cacophony of entertainment! They won’t know where to look first!

Silk is so elegant, and luxurious, but when you add a performer into the mix, it instantly becomes a rockn’ experience. Even better, Have an aerialist pouring champagne from above #DRIPPINGDIAMONDS! Acrobats and stilt walkers will always be a crowd pleaser. Watch them defy gravity and take your guest’s breath away!

Body painters are a great way to incorporate color into your wedding design! How crazy would it be if the statue in the corner suddenly came to life?! #Surprise! Make a splash with synchronized swimmers. So unique! And it will be one of the highlights of the night. Heat things up with fire breathers-- Send some shirtless men out onto the dance floor to make it hot and give your fans something to talk about for years to come! #LIT

Bring Out your Wild Side

If you want peacocks just wandering around your wedding-- we’re gonna deliver! Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, OH MY! Give your guests a once in a lifetime experience by bringing exotic animals to your party! We’re in the heart of studio land in LA-- if they can have an elephant on TV, you can have one at your wedding day.

Uptown Funk You Up

Everybody cut footloose. Dazzling dancers are a killer way to amp up the party! Bollywood, Polynesian, and Ballroom dancers are the perfect way to incorporate your own cultures and impress. Karmagraphy is a phenomenal dance troupe that can do it all! Check out their breathtaking work from our Indian Inspired Editorial here. If you want to get the bridal party involved, make up your own dance!  We have all seen those Youtube videos and loved every single one of them. #danceforever Go viral baby! If you need help, ask your coordinators at Rock N’ Events-- we kill it on the dance floor!

Don’t mind me dancing here with these headphones on… I’m at a Silent Disco! Give your guests headphones and a variety of playlists to listen to, and watch everyone go crazy. It’s a fun way to please all of your guests, and it’s fucking hilarious to watch everyone dance like maniacs!

You’re the One That I Want!

Reenact the Danny and Sandy moment from Grease at your wedding! Carnival attractions are a fantastic way to bring out the little kid in everyone!  Bring a Ferris Wheel to your backyard and let it spin all night long. Your event will be so Instagram worthy people won’t know what photo to post first! If heights aren’t your thing, go for a Merry-Go-Round; like honestly how fucking cute!?

Get Those Festival Vibes

CoacHell Yeah! Bring coachella to your wedding by adding interactive touches like henna artists, flower crowns, and bringing in some rockn’ performers. Henna is such a unique live art that will be a lasting memory for your fans!  Recently, I went to an event and they had DIY flower crowns. All you have to do is pick the flowers and POOF-- you are instantly transformed into the flower power bride you are! How awesome is that? But if you want to set yourself apart from the rest, trust your Rock N’ Events coordinators to get you the best performers around. You want Tiesto? Baby, you’re gonna get Tiesto! #Nothingbuthtebest

Bottoms Up!

Everybody loves an open bar, right?! DUH. Hire a mixologist to bring all the bar tricks and style to your open bar. I want to see my drink be lit on fire, thrown in the air and poured all while the bartender does a handstand! Think out of this world-- you know someone’s gotta be able to do it. Mixology Flaired is one of our Rockn’ partners who knows all about putting on a show while making a killer drink! If you want to bring the booze to the people, do it in style! Have girls come around with champagne skirts-- no joke, it’s real. #allthebooze

Good Eats

Go big or go home baby! Skip the passed mini quiches and go all out with NAKED SUSHI! Your fans definitely won’t be expecting it. This living centerpiece will be the talk of the town #theycandothat? Hell yeah we can; it looks fierce huh!? Oyster bars are all the rage right now. It’s unshucking-believable how much your guests will love you for having one! The world is your oyster, eat up.

Holy Shrimp! Y’all, shrimp cocktails are delicious, we all know that. Take it up one more notch by having a cocktail shrimp FOUNTAIN! #shrimpcocktailheaven

blog pic 9 hyped.png

Cupcakes are done. #overit. I need a sugar high without having to pick up all those cupcake liners! Cotton candy is the perfect way to hype up the party! Let your guest choose their flavors and colors, and watch the fairy floss fly! MILKSHAKES. #gimme. We’ve seen crazy, over-the-top, bloody mary's, but now is the time for crazy milkshakes like these.

Your big day is all about celebrating and having a rockn’ time! You deserve to go all out and have anything you want! Reach for the stars, and let your fans come with you. Rock N’ Events is here to provide you with only the most extraordinary experiences that will keep your groupies talking about your big day for centuries!!