5 Ways to Light Up Your Big Night! / by Jenny Chang

Is your event missing that certain spark? Fireworks can bring that flitter of enchantment! There are so many ways to use fireworks and pyrotechnics throughout your wedding night, and Rock N’ Events knows just the ways to do it! Here are those 5 ways!

Boom Into the Room

Picture this, you just got married to the most amazing person and you can’t wait to introduce yourself to the world, the doors open, and BAM fireworks go off, and now you’re entering in style! Your grand entrance should be one to remember, and fireworks are the most spectacular way to amp up any entrance! Line the stairs with sparkling fireworks and wow your fans as you descend in the most regal fashion. Just make sure to watch the dress ladies! No fire disasters on Rock N’ Events’ watch.

Dance Under the Stars

Your first dance is already a big moment, but can you imagine how amazing it would be to look up and have the ultimate movie moment!? Let the fireworks glitter around you and dazzle your fans. Even if you are indoors, there are ways to use confetti and lighting to mimic fireworks. Just because you can’t use fire inside doesn’t mean they can stop you from getting that romantic and excited feeling that comes with the big boom!

It’s Lit Fam

Fireworks aren’t the only way to light the sky! If you live in the regions where fireflies are abundant, take advantage of that when booking your venue. Fireflies are living twinkle lights. I mean, come on!? #Unbelievable! Lanterns are another way to flood the sky with well wishes. If you want to pay tribute to a family member or guest, write them a message and send it to the skies. I promise you will feel like Rapunzel!

Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle

Sparklers are a great way to get your fans involved in your send off. Be showered in sparks as you head to your getaway car, and when you see those photos… #JawDrops! Sparklers can also be used in your photos. Have your photographer do long exposure shots and spell out a word, or shower sparks around you! The results will leave you breathless.

Going Out With A BANG

For me the most important place to have fireworks is when you are leaving. Boom into the world under a glittering sky! There is something so magical about watching fireworks burst in the sky with your someone special. It is. It’s just magic! #ElectricSky Watch through the sunroof, or your classic convertible as your fans slowly disappear behind the sparks. Then get back to your hotel and watch the sparks fly in the bedroom #Wink!

Just remember safety first! It’s always best to hire the professionals, that way Uncle Louis doesn’t lose an eye or your friend doesn’t get her hair burned off. And always make sure you have the necessary permits before giving the green light. We would hate to see your wedding shut down for something silly!

At Rock N’ Events, every event is out of this world, and we want to give you the most sparkling, boomtastic, and LIT night of your life!