ROCKNEVENTS Approved Los Angeles Event Venues / by Jenny Chang

Let me tell you something, chica. There is one thing you can never hold back on when planning a wedding or event:

The venue.

Your venue is the backdrop to your entire event. Whether you’re throwing a palatial, romantic wedding or an other-worldly corporate launch party, the venue always determines the vibe of your event.

Luckily, we’re about to let you in on a little secret: Los Angeles event venues are unmatched. And we’ve got the inside scoop on the best f**king ones!

The Hummingbird Nest

They said it themselves, the Hummingbird Nest is the premium venue for truly spectacular and memorable events. Each exquisite detail creates an unparalleled sense of luxury and richness. The Spanish inspired architecture, towering olive trees, and breathtaking views all play a key role in the design of each event. There’s no need for hiding out indoors because this outdoor venue provides the perfect background for an absolutely flawless event.

Los Angeles Event Venues

Beverly Hills Hotel

Welcome to the Beverly Hills Hotel, one of the hottest spots in Los Angeles. If you’re into all things glamorous, this is the venue for you. This timeless destination combines a sense of old Hollywood fame, coastal luxury, and pure relaxation. The iconic Pink Palace is a staple in Los Angeles, known for its bougainvillea canopy, luxurious decor, and unforgettable grand entrance. If you want to throw an event that will never go out of style, don’t overlook this Los Angeles stomping ground.

Beverly Hills Hotel Event Venue

Gianna & Co

Gianna and Company is our right-hand when it comes to renting private estates for badass events. Ever dreamt of the most unapologetically lavish homes in Los Angeles? Well, this is your way into the lap of luxury. From private mansions in Beverly Hills to the beautiful garden estates of Malibu, Gianna and Co. has the ultimate event venue hookup.

Meritage Resort & Spa

There’s something in the air in Napa Valley. We’re not sure if it’s the views, the ambiance, or the wine, but we’re totally here for it. One of our absolute favorite venues in the Valley is The Meritage Resort and Spa. The warm decor and seamless hillside views give us all the feels. This location is perfect for any event, whether it be a company convention or the place you say, “I do,” the vineyards of California are fit for every occasion. Perhaps it’s a little over-the-top, but what’s wrong with that?

Bonus! The Chicago Botanic Garden

In celebration of ROCKNEVENTS coming to Chicago, we thought we’d share one of our most adored venues in the Windy City. The Chicago Botanic Garden has been home to hundreds of spectacular events. Why? Because there are few things more beautiful than an event in the midst of a flourishing garden. This venue is romantic, lively, and gives us effing goosebumps. Every event, during every season, is fit for a botanical garden party.

You can’t go wrong with an RNE favorite. Each and every one of those venues is freaking breathtaking. With ROCKNEVENTS event planning, you have the ultimate secret weapon: a badass event producer and a unique event venue will set your event apart from the rest. You want a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests. We make that happen. Call us today to find out how. (424) 272-6477