Millennials & Wedding Planning Trends / by Jenny Chang

Millennials have taken on a bad rep, but when it comes to millennials and wedding planning trends, we’re living for their unapologetic edgy and unique style. Team RNE is all about breaking the glass ceiling, saying no to tradition, and yes to modern wedding planning that brings out the inner rock stars in people. Throw out the rulebook and read on to learn more about how millennials are revolutionizing wedding planning trends with ROCKNEVENTS.

More Destination Weddings

Millennials live for out-of-this-world experiences. The passionate group thrives off of sharing experiences with friends and family and values that above anything else. Millennials are taking destination weddings to another level, exploring the jungles of Costa Rica and the vineyards of Italy all in one wedding weekend. There’s nothing a millennial loves more than originality, and that’s what a destination wedding accomplishes.

Millennial Wedding Planning

Wedding Parties

A bride’s best friend isn’t always a woman and millennials have no problem breaking that tradition. Instead of following suit of their parents, couples are choosing their wedding parties based on the relationships they truly want to honor. Bridesmen, groomswomen, man of honor, or best woman, whoever it may be, they’re doing it and we’re loving it.

When it comes to wedding party attire, groomsmen are collaborating to bring out their individual style. A groom and his posse in all Tom Ford screams sexy and classy. Bridesmaids have strayed from short and flirty dresses and are opting for long, lavish gowns for a more affluent vibe.

Social Media Influence

Monograms are out, hashtags are in! Social media has heavily influenced the millennial generation. What better way to keep your guests’ memories in one place? Couples are now creating clever hashtags for their family and friends to post to on Instagram and Twitter. This way, the newlyweds can easily browse through all of the moments and pictures they might’ve been too tipsy to see.

Millennials turn to Instagram to share even the most intimate moments of their lives. When it comes to weddings, it’s no different. Whether a bride is looking for inspiration or popularity, social media platforms have transformed the modern wedding planning industry.

Skipping Church

For centuries couples have been getting married in churches. But now even the most religious of millennials are ditching the church service and having their ceremonies in luxurious and personalized venues. This type of venue provides a more unique and customizable experience to the bride, groom, and their guests, and allows a more unapologetically wild vibe.

Purple Wedding Table Setup

From the Ground Up

Did you say you want to buy a piece of land and throw a badass party on it? Done! Millennials are all about partying hard and enjoying the premium things in life. There’s nothing more luxe than building a party, quite literally, from the ground up. Millennials desire more industrial design and intricate detail that displays their personality in every single aspect of their party. After all, this day is all about bringing out their inner party.

Foodie Adventure

Some people love to travel for the scenery, the romance, or just to escape. Millennials love to travel because they seek a foodie adventure. Couples are now bringing an offbeat culinary experience to their wedding receptions, plunging into different cultures and broadening the food horizon. This food-centric wedding planning trend is a must for our all-star millennial couples seeking timeless celebrations.

Actually Generous Gift Giving

Generous gift giving that actually makes a difference, who’s ever heard of such a thing? Millennials have! And they’ve launched wedding gift giving into a whole other stratosphere. Our rockin’ clients have requested their guests participate in fundraising for organizations close to their hearts, even donations to Husky adoption shelters.

Amazon Prime has become the new quota for household goods. Those same-old-same-old wedding registries from Bed Bath and Beyond are a no-go. Amazon delivers everything newlyweds could ever need right to their door, eliminating the hassle of hauling gifts from the reception to home.

Millennials, you have challenged, propelled, and developed the modern wedding planning industry into what it is today. Your deluxe style, extravagant taste, and craving for adventure have allowed us wedding planners to be passionately creative. Rock N’ Events is zealous for creating kickass parties. We’re loud, outspoken, & badass. So are you. Let’s cut the BS & start planning your wedding already! Give us a call for cocktails and a consultation. (424) 272-6477