How an Open Bar Can Make Your Corporate Event Fun AF / by Jenny Chang

There aren’t many things an open bar can’t fix, right? So why not go all out at your next corporate event? Not only will your guests feel appreciated, but they will also get a chance to let loose and have fun!

So, in case you were wondering (for whatever reason) - yes, an open bar is totally ROCKNEVENTS recommended.

Here’s how it’s done:

Pick your poison

First and foremost, there are several types of open bars. If you want to go all out and your budget allows it, go for the full open bar. If not, various other options are just as enjoyable for you and your guests. Whether you decide on a full open bar, beer & wine only bar, timed bar or ticketed bar, either choice will provide a kickass backdrop for your corporate event.

Remember: Some people can’t handle their tequila like the rest of us. Have your bartender keep an eye out for those partiers.

Signature cocktails

I bet you’re thinking: been there done that. But we’re not ready to let this cliche go. Whether you’re throwing an in-house corporate event, product launch party, or event for your clientele, a company signature cocktail will slay the freaking game.

Launching your own skincare line? Infuse your cocktails with some of nature’s most refined, organic, and good-for-your-skin ingredients.

Perhaps you’re showing your clients your sincere appreciation for them by throwing a kickass party. Have your bartender prepare cocktails inspired by your most successful products or services.

Open Bar At Event

Custom champagne station

Ah, champagne.

When we think champagne, we think of pure celebration, bliss, and joy. Create a show-stopping interactive food station that is out-of-the-box and totally rule-breaking. With an array of vibrant fruit, delicious juices, and the world’s best champagne, Dom Perignon of course, this custom champagne station will be a huge freaking hit at your event.

Classy but fun drinking games

Drinking games at a corporate event may seem a little out of the ordinary, but we’re ROCKNEVENTS, and we love all things rebellious. For your employee appreciation party, go for something a little less “college party,” and set up a prosecco pong game.

This way, your guests can let their hair down and actually have a good time. There’s nothing worse than a stuffy party with people you have nothing in common with and don’t know. Games like these help guests to connect with each other. Plus, any game where drinking like a fish is required is a good one!

I’m sure you’ve heard it before: free alcohol equals a good time.

Take your corporate event to the next level and provide an open bar for your party goers. If you desire a memorable product launch party, this is a must-have feature. Having an open bar will help them feel comfortable and appreciated. You can never go wrong!

Well… you could go wrong and not hire ROCKNEVENTS to plan your corporate event. Now that would just be crazy. Contact us today for a consultation and cocktails and let's get started planning the experience of a lifetime. 424-272-6477