How to Plan a Sexy LA Fall Bash Like a Boss / by Jenny Chang

Fall is officially here. The sun is beaming, the drinks are pouring, and the party is on. There is no better way to celebrate autumn than with a sexy LA fall bash. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, birthday celebration, or just for the hell of it, autumn is the perfect season for your poppin’ party.

Do you have the urge to celebrate fall and all things pumpkin spice?

Journey with us, and we’ll show you exactly how to plan this year’s sexiest fall bash in Los Angeles.

Pick a rockin’ theme

Behind every successful autumn bash is a rockin’ theme. Go the extra mile and pick a unique idea that will inspire your guests to party like never before. In the mood for something wild and exotic? Try a jungle theme for your fall fling. If you’re craving an electric and modern vibe, go for a music festival design setup and even encourage guests to wear their hottest Coachella-inspired outfits. Whatever theme you choose, think outside-the-box and select something truly worthwhile. Think avante-garde, if you will.

Plan a menu

A party spent drinking in the sun, calls for one critical item: effing amazing food.

Without some bomb food to indulge in when your guests get the drunk munchies, this bash will turn out to be a total disaster. Cater a delicious, yet simple selection of food that will satisfy your guests and make their taste buds do the shimmy. As event planners, we know that happy guests are fed guests. Don’t skimp on the food.

Fall Bash Food

After dusk

The most luxurious part of autumn is the colorful days, and cool breezy nights. If you’re still partying once dusk rolls around, don’t stop there! With string lights, a DJ, and a dazzling bonfire, a midnight party is a must. Your fall bash can be chill or it can be loud, either or, a bonfire calls for roasted smores and tequila shots.

Mr. DJ won’t you turn the music up

Every party is a total drab without some kickass music. Hire a DJ or put together a playlist that complements the theme of your party. Unleash your inner rockstar with some 80s rock n’ roll, or go the other route with some classic hip-hop jams. Whichever genre you choose, music is the ultimate party entertainment. If there’s no music, is it even a party?

Pool decor

Every fall bash needs a spot for cooling down and chilling out. Amp up your party’s design with some over-the-top floating pool decor that takes your theme to the next level. We’re talking balloons, swan-shaped floats, and even floating pool bars. Yes, floating bars are a thing, and you need one at your LA autumn bash.

Fall Pool Decor

Want to go all out planning your fall bash? Contact ROCKNEVENTS for the trendiest, hottest, and most unapologetically luxurious party you’ve ever experienced. We’re loud, outspoken, & badass. So are you. Let’s cut the BS & start planning your fall celebration already! Give us a call today at (424) 272-6477 for cocktails and a consultation.