RNE Handbook: Planning a Luxurious Outdoor Wedding / by Jenny Chang

Is it just me or do outdoor weddings always give you all the feels? There’s something about the picture-perfect scene created by Mother Nature that is fitting for every occasion, especially weddings.

Whether it’s the blue sky, wrestling waves or vineyards for miles, each element plays a beautiful part in the design of an outdoor wedding.

Many wonder what goes into planning an outdoor wedding, so Team RNE is about to let you in on our industry secrets. Stick around for all the dirty details.

The Venue, Duh

Many factors go into planning an outdoor wedding, but few are more important than the actual venue. If your vision is to have your wedding outdoors, the location needs to be freaking breathtaking. Whether you’re staying local in Los Angeles or traveling for a destination wedding, it’s crucial our clients get the chance to pick their dream location. During Phase 1 of our design process, our main goal is to scout for a totally kickass venue.

Outdoor Wedding Planner

Have a Backup Plan

The risk when throwing an outdoor wedding is - you guessed it - rain. No matter what season we’re in, rain is always a possibility. However, try to aim for the dry months, the lesser the chance, the better. If you’re dead set on having a wedding during the summer, rain protection is always a suitable option. Plus, with ROCKNEVENTS design, we can make any tent absolutely luxurious. Think hanging chandeliers and overflowing tablecloths are only for indoor weddings? Wrong!

Comfortability is Key

At RNE, our happiness comes from throwing out-of-this-world parties that bring out your inner rockstar. We want this to be an unparalleled experience from start to finish. A major part of that is comfortability for you and your guests. This means rain coverings, comfortable seating, and  perfect event flow.

Go au’ Naturel

Outdoor wedding decor is vastly different than your typical wedding. A lot of brides want something minimalistic but still capturing and beautiful. Many want a wedding over-the-top luxurious and unapologetically futuristic. We’re capable of both, of course.

However, we always recommend playing off of the elements and environment. Neutral tones, draping floral arrangements, and wedding arches formed out of greenery are always inspiring and on trend. Going for something natural doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style or the luxury.

Natural Bouquet.png

Ahem, I can’t hear.

Ever been to an outdoor wedding ceremony and you can’t hear a damn thing? Yeah, it’s super annoying. Some people overlook the sound of crashing waves and birds chirping. It can be extremely distracting and even impossible for those in the back to hear the ceremony. An outdoor wedding requires extra equipment to amp up the volume. Speakers, microphones, the whole shebang.

Are you ready to put on the wedding of a lifetime? You’re in the right place, chica. At ROCKNEVENTS our design process is intricate and personal. We’ll take your ideas and create an everlasting experience from it. We don’t have clients, we have family. Join our family today and contact us for drinks and a wedding planning consultation! Call us now at (424) 272-6477