The Art of Planning a Modern Destination Wedding / by Jenny Chang

A destination wedding is a fabulous and extravagant way to tie the knot with the love of your life. There’s nothing wrong with breaking a tradition or two and experiencing the lavish, fantasy wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

Maybe you and your future spouse are from different states or have family in different places – a destination wedding allows you both to choose a phenomenal wedding location without deciding which home-state to have it in.

Many couples pick the adventure that is a destination wedding because it offers a badass experience full of memories. Couples can new traditions by tying in local flair to their wedding, on top of exploring stunning new places while experiencing the most exhilarating time of their lives.

ROCKNEVENTS has you covered with what you need to know about planning the destination wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s the 411 on everything you need to know about the art of planning a modern destination wedding:

Choose the Destination Location of Your Dreams

Your destination needs to be a place that will be iconic for both you and your partner. But it must also have the resources you need. For example, if the gorg town your family would spend every holiday at only has one hotel, cross that off your list if it can’t lodge all of your guests.

We 100% agree that your wedding is ultimately about you and your partner. But, it’s important to take into consideration that your ceremony is somewhere your guests will be able to visit. You deserve an all-out, fan-f***ing-tastic rendezvous with the best people you know!

The world is literally your oyster. If your original destination falls through, the options you have are endless. From a tropical paradise in Turks and Caicos or Costa Rica to a relaxing retreat in Napa Valley or Porto Venere, you’re sure to find the most luxe place you’re dreaming of.

No matter the location you pick, you’re bound to find some wicked excursions you and your wedding party can go on before and after the wedding! For example, if you end up in the tropics of Jamaica, you will be able to experience white sand beaches, serene spas and relaxing resorts. If your wedding is in Toronto, detour to Niagara Falls with your wedding posse for some legendary views before you do some tastings at local wineries.

Destination Wedding Planning

Give Everyone a Heads Up

Once you and your partner decide on a stunning location, make sure you let everyone know what’s going on. Confirm that your bridal party knows they’ll have to travel for the wedding, and that they can take time off to go.

Send your “save the dates” eight months to a year in advance. You want this day to be damn unforgettable, so make sure the people you love most can plan to take time off to be part of your magical moment. To make your wedding day easy to attend for your guests, ROCKNEVENTS’ wedding planners research and reserve hotel blocks for your attendees.

Visit Beforehand

Any excuse for a mini getaway is a good one, chica. Take two or three-weekend trips to your wedding destination if you can swing ‘em. On the first trip, you want to scout out different ceremony and reception venues, hotels for your wedding party and guests, as well as a rehearsal dinner space. Also, don’t forget these must-haves for throwing a lit destination wedding: local caterers, photographers, florists, trusty glam squads and more.

On your second or third trip, finalize your selections. You def want to schedule different dinner and cake tastings with your caterer and have a sexy hair and makeup sesh with a local salon. Don’t forget to pick out sample bouquets from your florist, as well as organize pre-wedding activities for your guests with what your location has to offer. Take a tequila shot (or three) after all of this; you deserve it.

Hire a Destination Wedding Pro

The process of planning a modern destination wedding is truly an art. It requires you and your future spouse to be three times as organized as a local couple, and you both need to be on damn top of your wedding planning game. Nobody said it would be easy, but it’s totally worth it. Good thing you’re not alone.

When adventuring the world to plan your dream destination wedding, there's no team more fearless than the wedding producers at ROCKNEVENTS. You deserve a once-in-a-lifetime, luxury experience for your partner, family, and friends! Trust in us to make the most kickass destination wedding beyond your wildest dreams come to life.

Our diverse and cultured team are a traveling friend for you and your partner. Not only do we assist every member in finding their ultimate dream wedding destination, but we help create and manifest their perfect wedding vision. Call 424-272-6477 to find out how we can help you plan the most rockin’ day of your life!