What’s Next? Post-Wedding Celebration / by Jenny Chang

Post-Wedding Celebration

Okay, so you got married and now you’ve got the post-wedding blues. You know what this calls for? A badass post-wedding celebration with your favorite peeps!

Trust us, there’s a lot more to come after saying “I do” and we’re here to keep the hype up for as long as you want!

Here’s the scoop:


Your Honeymoon, Hello!!

If you think the best part in all of this is your wedding day, you’ve got it all wrong. Take off your heels, grab your soulmate, and hop onto a plane cause you’re going vacationing! Make sure to pack a light suitcase and by light we mean an overweight, 100 pound suitcase with all of your must-have cashmere, beach dresses, and five-inch heels.

Choose a destination with weather that will make your skin glow. Make sure there’s a lot of stuff to do, like spa pampering, sightseeing, hot bars, and all that. Nothing can go wrong when you combine a resort, lots of activities, your sexy husband, and getting your bedroom cardio on.

Stop thinking about your wedding being over, grab your drink, and make a f**king toast. Cheers to the new married life, biatch!


Get Excited About Your  Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

You’ve spent a literal ton of money on your wedding and your guests, now it’s time they spend a bit on you. Start unwrapping those gifts and get your adrenaline pumping. You’ll probably be receiving everything from home accessories and dish sets to personalized doormats (yes, those are a thing).

Our advice? If you don’t like it, return it babe. Nobody got time for that. Filter out the gifts you absolutely love for your home and those you can’t stand looking at. Don’t be afraid to return your gifts and find others you’ll adore. Not everyone has your amazing taste in design!


Absorb Your Gorgeous Wedding Album

You’re going to want to prepare yourself for your wedding album. Yes, you can fawn over some pics instantly on IG, but the real deal comes from your photographer. You’re going to be spending quite some time staring at every picture for thirty minutes. Once you get your album, set a time to scan it with your man over a semi-dry Cabernet Sauvignon (or some Grey Goose...whatever, do you).


Send Out Those Thank You Notes

K, we’re not trying to get corny here, but appreciation is always a mood-booster. Take the time to thank each and every one of your guests with a cute thank-you card. Mention that you appreciate their presence in your life and wedding and that you’ve had a blast with them (even if you don’t even remember them being there).

If you have a record of what they got you, mention this in your card. Stop getting lazy and make it personal. They’ll love you. If you see one of your guests didn’t get you anything, or you don’t have a record of it, don’t thank them. That’s just freaking awkward.


Host a Post-Wedding Brunch

We know having all the attention may seem kinda over, but you’ve got this brunch to make it up to you. Send out some informal invites to your besties and get them together for a post-wedding brunch. Forget the thank you cards, you’ll be able to thank all your fans in person. If you’re not into the whole cooking scene, get some croissants and pastries at the nearest bakery and call it a day.


Pamper Yourself in a Relaxing Bath, You Deserve It Babe

Relaxing Bath

Who needs a spa anyway? We all know a bath is one of the greatest ways to celebrate. Get some eucalyptus bath salts, and soak in the best feeling in the world. You’ll be nourishing your body and relaxing your mind after all that wedding stress. Yeah, we know. You can thank us later. The best part? You don’t have to do the whole bath thing alone. After all, what’s a husband for?

We’ve got a million more post-celebration ideas, but try these to start! Your wedding isn’t really over yet, so stop ruminating, and be the badass you usually are. We’ve done the hard work for you, now take the lead and work it. ‘Cause the real badasses never stop celebrating (and drinking mimosas). Cheers! XX