Enhance Your Corporate Event With the Power of Social Media / by Jenny Chang


Wake up and smell the social media coffee, Everyone!

Social Media has become and is rapidly evolving as the go to tool in assisting the planning and managing of corporate events! Used to disseminate information concerning the event(s), interact with the guest list, solicit feedback, and facilitate constant engagement with the intended audience. #YAS The employment of social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and similar sites pre, during, and post the event will generate more popularity for your event to increase its success. *SHOCKER* Right…Ok maybe not, but you would be surprised how many companies don’t use social media to its fullest potential! Pictures, videos, boomerang, filter, hashtags OH MY! The possibilities are endless, why not participate in the hype!?! Seeing that this is becoming an extremely useful trend, the star team at Rock N’ Events are here to highlight 5 tips to best utilize the mighty power of social media in planning your next corporate event! #RockYourSocial  

1. Invite a *SURPRISE* Guest Speaker

Who doesn't love a guest speaker! Someone that can attend your event and give expert advice to your attendees! Also, having a guest speaker is a great way to give your corporate event momentum for the growing guest list. Using it as a promotional aspect to gain exposure for the event and the speaker. Chose a guest speaker that has a larger or promising social media platform so that their guaranteed presence will encourage attendance and popularity. Your guest speaker can post about attending your event as a guest speaker that would, in return, gain promising amounts of success! #Workwithoutworking

2. Host a Pre Event Happy Hour

WHO DOESN'T LOVE HAPPY HOUR! #CountMeIn Prior to the date of the event, host a Happy Hour event to get the attendees excited for the actual event! #eventsonevents During the Happy Hour event you can incorporate a custom #hashtag, and promote, promote promote! OH and don’t forget about having fun props for the guest to take photos with! Who doesn't love to put on massive neon glasses, glitter hats, and hold up signs with inappropriate messages on them?! #AmIRight? This activity will act as a fun interactive way for guests to gain familiarity with one another. This builds momentum for the actual event and promotes through posting their photos/videos/boomerangs taken your one of a kind pre event celebration! The Happy Hour event could involve a special reveal of the guest speaker who will be hosting the actual event, a Q & A, an auction, etc.!

3. Host an Online Poll - Interact, Interact, Interact! 

Prior to the event you can host an online poll to get you attendees interacting on social media with the event and with other attendees! This interaction could involve custom hashtags, written posts, picture posts, and/or video posts that will ultimately only generate traffic for your event. Hosting polls is an available feature on Facebook and Twitter, two of the worlds largest social media platforms that allow public or private publication and interaction. Even use a poll to decide the main events; choice of food, guest speakers, location, etc.! #givethepeoplesomepower 

4. Take Advantage of All Social Media Platforms (Seriously)

All Social Media platforms can provide you with slightly similar but also uniquely different features! Instagram is a photo and/or video based social media platform that allows written captions however, the photo and/or video aspect is the focus point! #DoItForTheGram Facebook and Twitter are similar in that they both allow photo posts as well as caption posts, together or separate! The slight differences being that Twitter puts a limit on the amount of characters allowed in a single Tweet and Twitter is hashtag driven! #TweetTweet Meaning that Twitter utilizes hashtags to generate knowledge about the intended topic. Creating custom hashtags for your event is a smart and effective way to keep attendees informed with all things pertaining to you event. And GUESS WHAT... hashtags can be utilized on all major platforms! Creating a custom, and easy to remember event hashtag will also be a great way for all attendees or others seeking information about your event! #HashtagsAreTheFuture

5. Post Recap Videos or Pictures from the Last Event #FOMOMUCH?!

Create a picture collage or a video from a past event that can be posted on several social media platforms and on the event website. That way attendees can reference back to this and see what the experience of the last event was like! Photos and Videos can basically be posted and reposted everywhere at any time on all social media platforms! That, however, is a blessing and a curse, so be careful! This allows for the repeated and virtually endless publication and republication of your footage. Being able to catch great visuals on camera and posting to generate popularity to your event will only create energy and excitement! #Goodvibesonly

Social Media is a smart, efficient and cost effective method to generate a successful outcome for your upcoming corporate event! DO NOT, *I repeat*, DO NOT underestimate the power of social media and the endless connections it has to virtually every inch of this world! Thousands have already joined this social media movement! #Getonit Launch your event out of the Stone Age and use social media to ensure the success of your next Rock N’ Event! #Thankuslater