Rock N’ Events Lifestyle: The Insider’s Look on Production Day / by Jenny Chang

Do you know what goes into the production of a ROCKNEVENTS worthy event?

Probably not.

Producing a f**king rad event takes passion, creativity, and execution. It’s more than just planning a party, it’s about creating a once in a lifetime experience that brings out your inner rock star. Production day is the moment where months worth of planning all comes together in perfect harmony.

Here’s what goes down on production day at ROCKNEVENTS:

Wake Up, Cake Up

On event day, our all-star members wake up bright and early, take a shot of kombucha, get glam, and get ready to produce perfection. After weeks, maybe even months of planning, it all comes down to this day, this unapologetically fabulous party.

Planning an event means getting down and dirty. It’s our job to manage the budget, the vendors, the venue, and everything in between. Producing a wedding takes precision and a badass attitude. And we’ve got it.

Wedding Centerpieces

Implement The Client’s Vision

This is what event planning is all about. Taking a client's vision and running with it. Not just to meet their expectations, but to go beyond their wildest dreams. On production day, RNE producers ensure that the client’s vision is being executed. We oversee and make for damn sure that the vendors, DJ/band, caterer, and even the hosts, all arrive on time. Once every luxurious element is in place, it’s time to take a shot of tequila (or three).

Sticking to The Timeline

Perhaps the most dreaded part about weddings is when things don’t go as planned. Sticking to the timeline can be challenging when there are so many contributing factors, but we know how to execute event transitions flawlessly. Whether it’s wedding photographs or the arrival of the band, months of planning ensure a perfect event timeline.

We know, sh*t happens at weddings. Vendors are late and bridesmaids go missing. But not at a ROCKNEVENTS production. We can assure you, sh*t doesn’t hit the ceiling at a RNE party, unless of course, the guests are partying too hard... ‘cause every wedding needs a good story to tell.

The Decadent Decor

What makes a wedding absolutely extravagant? The decor, of course. From the opulent floral arrangements to the dazzling candles in every corner, your chosen decor is what determines the vibe of your wedding. Whether you’re going for sensuous and edgy or romantic and daring, ROCKNEVENTS pulls it all together on the day of production.

Beginning with fabulous tables and eclectic chair styles, we set up the layout of the event. Every detail matters, every detail is specifically curated to scream luxury and individual personality. This is obviously the best f**king part about wedding production-- that moment when it all comes together just as you predicted (yes, you can call us the badass prophets).

Los Angeles Event Planning

ROCKNEVENTS is in the business of throwing rebellious parties for the inner rock stars. Our design process is intricate and personal, promising a flawless production day. You want a one-of-a-kind experience for your friends, family, guests, and partner. We make that happen. Call us today to find out how. (424) 272-6477