7 Rock N' Ways to Put a Ring on it! / by Jenny Chang

January 1st, 2017, I woke up to three new engagements on my Facebook newsfeed. New year new relationship Status! We get it, I’m single! No need to rub it in. Just kidding... kind of. #Shade I love seeing all the rings, and can’t wait to see their journey continue and blossom. In case your person missed the memo because they had no clue what to do, Rock N’ Events has some helpful hints and ways to like it and put a ring on it! #NoMoreSingleLadies

1. Romantic Rewind

Go somewhere special to your past! If you have an awesome Meet-Cute story go back to that moment! It may take them a moment to realize where they are but once they turn around and see you down on one knee, everything else will fall into place. It may be cliche, but these places we make memories will always hold value. #AWWW But don’t be tryin’ to get down on one knee under a bridge because we drove over it once, like why?

2. Table for 2 and Only 2

Surprise your hunny with a romantic night out. If you want to feel like you’re the only two people left in the world, book a restaurant all to yourself. Yes, that restaurant that he took you to on your first date, or your go-to spot is the perfect place to cover in flowers and feel secluded. Do you know how damn special I would feel if someone took over an entire restaurant for the night just so we could be together in our favorite place?! I would feel like a princess. Treat yo self, and your hopefully soon-to-be, to a night you won’t forget.

3. All in the Family

If you don’t need seclusion, get all of your family involved! I know my mom will definitely know about my engagement before I will. She’s nosy but loves being a part of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If it’s not just me and my man, my family better be there! Try doing a scavenger hunt with her meeting friends and family along the way, or have them show up as a surprise after you pop the question. Your family will want to share in your celebration, and be a part of these big moments.

4. Blinging Around the City

It’s time to take a city tour and get high! Who doesn’t love a helicopter ride? #NoOtherWayToTravel Be like Kylie and be flown above a private estate where flowers line the helicopter pad… the only difference is that you get a diamond in the end!

Take a walk or carriage ride around the park, profess your love overlooking the city, skydive, you name it, just get out in your city, and your favorite view will still be your love wearing that ring!

5. Bermuda, Bahamas, Come On Pretty Mommas!

Go on the trip of your dreams and come back with one hell of a shiny souvenir. Destination proposals are so underrated and aren’t done enough! Plus it’s always said that you don’t really know a person until you have traveled with them. #Truth Hike to a secluded area and enjoy a picnic on the sandy shores, or take in the view from your private sunset sail. Picture perfect moments are waiting to be captured. Rock N’ Events knows all the great photographers, and you will want those photos, believe me!

6. Cliche All Day

Sometimes cliche is memorable and amazing. Let him flashmob propose to you to that special song you always belt to in the car. You may be blushing the whole time, but you will definitely remember it. Just don’t be ordinary, whatever you do, make it special to you and yours. It’s ok to shout your love to the world because it’s an amazing moment that you deserve to celebrate! #NoShameInTheEngagementGame

7. Ask Away

Just Ask! Not like while she’s doing the dishes or cleaning up after your messy self, but sometimes the best way can be the most understated and perfect moment. The moment when you look over and can’t help but smile because your person is so perfectly themselves. Those are the moments you will really remember, it doesn’t have to be over the top and 2-hour-long-story worthy. Make it an honest moment that she won’t soon forget.

The moral of the story is really to know what your partner wants and who they are. If they appreciate big gestures, go big, if you know they would be mortified, go big but in a different way. And if you are still stumped or need a professional’s help Rock N’ Events is on the job!

We can’t wait to help you Rock That Proposal!