Q & A with Founder | Jenny Chang / by Jenny Chang

It's all about Rock N' Events in August! With Rock N' Events hitting their third-year mark in the events world, what better way to learn more about the company, than from the founder herself. We asked Jenny a few questions to get a deeper look into what we can expect from her and her team and receive some insight on opening her own business. 

Congrats on your 3 years of Rock N’ Events! What can we expect from you and your team at the 5-year mark?

Thank you, Thank you! Has it already been 3 years? Incredible how fast time goes by when you’re rock n’ rolling ;). Looking back on the last three years, I’m feeling extremely grateful for all of the accomplishments my associates and I have made. In this year alone, Rock N’ Events has been nominated as Top 10 Best Coordinators in Los Angeles and Orange County by June Bug Weddings, answered favorable questions on Daily Breeze, and have made countless dreams come true. At our 5 year mark, you can expect mountains to be moved by Rock N’ Events. Not only will we be celebrating unions, but we’ll be celebrating all life’s celebrations. The Los Angeles Rock N ‘Events Headquarters will support even more extremely talented designers & planners. We’ll tour city to city making a stamp on every corner of this world with our rock n’ celebrations.

What was the most challenging lesson you learned from starting your business?

The biggest challenge I’ve endured was finding the very loyal women to help me sustain the Rock N’ Events foundation. Starting the business, creating the brand, obtaining licenses and all admin work was easy. I knew what I wanted, and I put in my do’s to bring it to life. The biggest challenge was finding the women that were willing to put in the time, work and even tears to help this company get to where it is today. I owe a great portion of my success to my team, and will continue to be grateful for them in every milestone we make from this point forward. It’s the women working by my side that make my members dreams come true, and continue to make my career dreams brought to life. It was a challenge to come across such a loyal and incomparable team, but the journey to meet them was worth every pain I’ve ever endured.

What advice do you have for other Wedding & Event Planners that are just starting their business?

Everyone wants to be in this business because they want to make ‘dreams’ come true. If I hear that one more time during an interview, I swear I’m going to whoop an ass. Be honest with yourself. If you’re working for a bride that has Godzilla characteristics, ain’t no way you’re trying to make her dreams come true. Just be real with yourself, and you’re already on the road to success. Don’t ever work for the industry, work for your clients. I’m willing to break a relationship with my shitty vendors than to depreciate the value of my client’s wedding day. Don’t accept kick-backs, and if you’re really in this because you want to make “dreams come true” then give your clients everything they deserve. When creating your brand, make sure to create one that continues to attract people you can genuinely fall in love with. Rock N’ Events attracts a crowd of members that and I’m grateful for every single day.

What is the next big thing we can expect from Rock N’ Events?

Festivals, festivals, festivals! Mark my word, world! I hear lots more of “I Do’s” and “AY AY AYS” all around the world. Aside from the creative and exciting new events, you can expect the house of Rock N’ Events to grow largely. The house will support over dozens of creative planners and designers that’ll create more rock n’ celebrations for all-star members. 

If we aren’t already, Rock N’ Events will become a Fortune 500 company.

Do you plan to expand your regions? If yes, where is the next destination?

Absolutely. As of now, I’m not too focused on where and when. I’m more focused on the idea of celebrating life and celebrations all over the world. I don’t know where we’ll be next, and that’s the most exhilarating part. We’ll be everywhere. I don’t plan to stay in one place in specific, I envision Rock N’ Events to celebrate events in all corners of the world.