Rehearsal Events 2.0 / by Jenny Chang

Conducting the rehearsal before my Star Member's wedding day is one of my favorite events during the planning process. It's exciting to meet the closest fans to my bride and groom and see them goof around during the practice. But it's the Revamped Rehearsal Event that makes the practice of the wedding rehearsal so much more worth it. 

The Incentive - Unlimited Alcohol.

Rehearsal Events tend to be underappreciated in today's culture and we need to bring that 'sexy' back. It doesn't have to be as formal as everyone makes it out to be, but a couple's wedding should be a series of events, not just 'one'. Do you agree? 

Celebration after celebration, I ask my members to fall in love with the process - all the processes and events that lead to their wedding day. It's the only way to have the Full Wedding Journey Experience. So today, I want to talk about how to Revamp the Rehearsal Events, and why we, as a culture, should bring this back, #sexy

What is a Revamped Rehearsal Event?

Revamped Rehearsal Events are basically the Pre-Party to your Big Day. Couples may throw a Rehearsal Brunch, Lunch or Dinner. More often, couple's tend to celebrate the rehearsal event during the evening (Post Rehearsal).

Who joins the Revamped Rehearsal Event?

Everyone in your bridal party, and your closest, closest fans. Spouses and children of the bridal party may join your celebration as well. It's the perfect way to say 'Thanks' and make personal speeches, celebrate on a more intimate level, and have another night to drink it up before the Big Day. You were thinking it! 

Does my Revamped Rehearsal Event need to have a theme, style? 

Your Revamped Rehearsal Celebration will give your guests a good idea of what to expect on your wedding day. If you're getting married at The Beverly Hills Hotel, I wouldn't recommend throwing your rehearsal at Shakey's. (Although, I do love me some Shakey's from time to time.) Think of your Revamped Rehearsal Event to be a first glance of what your closest fans should expect on your wedding day. 

If you're planning a wedding with Rock N' Events, your celebration should never fall short of the most out-of-this-world celebration. Be sure to design your Revamped Rehearsal in the same fashion. 

Why should I have a Revamped Rehearsal Event?

The Revamped Rehearsal is a great event to spend time with your closest fans. If you're inviting a lot of out-of-town guests, it's a valuable time to share your gratitude in their travels, and share more intimate moments before your Big Day. Believe me when I say, your wedding day will go by in a flash. All of your guests will want at least, 5 minutes to speak with you loves. 5 minutes, if they're lucky.

Can I plan my own Revamped Rehearsal Event?

Of course! So can your families and friends. It depends on your availability and if you consider the event to be stressful to plan. Good news is, when you're a member of Rock N' Events, you have the talented team of consultants to help you design your Revamped Rehearsal Celebration. Don't hesitate to lean on your coordinators to help you create a beautiful and memorable 'series' of celebrations that lead to your Best Day Ever.

That's what we're here for. 

- Jenny Chang, Rock N' Events