The RNE Guide: Producing a Kick-ass Corporate Event / by Jenny Chang

Your corporate event should be on another level.

We’re talking out-of-this-world luxury and an atmosphere that’s the bomb.

Whether you’re launching a new product or starting a fresh company, a corporate event will take you on a journey towards success. ROCKNEVENTS brings your company’s vision to life by producing a live party that brings out your inner badass.

Here’s how we get sh*t done:

Create Buzz

The number one, sure-fire way to create buzz around an event is, you guessed it, social media. Not only will this get the word out, but those watching will wish they were invited.

The power social media has on events is unmatched. Instagram TV, Snapchat Stories, Facebook Live, whatever platform you choose, you’re sure to draw an audience. Social media users crave behind the scenes access into their favorite brand’s lives. Give the people what they want! It’s a win-win.

Select a Superb Venue

Your guests approach the event.

The first thing their eyes turn to is the venue. Make it count.

When throwing a corporate party, the venue is the foundation of its success. The landscaping, architecture, and layout of the location all play a crucial part in the design process of the event.

Depending on the vibe you’re dreaming of, you’ll want to select a venue that compliments that style. If you’re into edgy and modern design, go with a sleek rooftop venue. If you want something colorful and loud, consider an outside garden venue. Whichever you choose, ROCKNEVENTS will produce an absolutely breathtaking event.

Start a Trend

There is nothing better than doing something unexpected. Trends mean nothing. Start your own damn trend!

We’ll admit, trends can be tempting. But let me tell you, nothing tops an out-of-the-box party. If you want your brand to leave an impression on your guests, try something different. You want your party-goers to think, “wow, how come I never thought of that?” Because you’re a trendy genius, that’s why!

Corporate Event Decor

Incorporate Your Brand Message

A corporate party should be effing live, but it should also promote and establish your brand message. Don’t compromise the purpose of your event for tequila shots, no matter how enticing it might be. A fun way to include your brand message is to provide party favors promoting your new product or latest collaboration.

Bonus: Party favors are almost guaranteed to make their way onto social media. Create a corporate event hashtag that party-goers can use when posting.  

Invite Industry Influencers

Inviting industry influencers to your party provides your company with something very important - free publicity! Don’t miss out on inviting industry influencers to your event. These social media moguls are always posting about their experiences at corporate events to Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. Whether it’s vlogging, or IG and Snap stories, free press is your best friend. How’s that saying go? No press is bad press. Ain’t that the truth.

You are a powerhouse full of ideas and inspiration. Put your brand on blast by throwing a kick-ass corporate event with ROCKNEVENTS. Let’s get started on your brand’s journey! Connect with us for cocktails and a consultation. (424) 272-6477