RNE Presents: The Unconventional Bride / by Jenny Chang

The unconventional bride isn’t afraid to bend the rules, be creative, and throw a kickass party.

Rumor has it, cookie-cutter weddings are out, and avant-garde is in.

ROCKNEVENTS produces stellar weddings that bring out your inner badass b*tch. Say goodbye to traditional views and hello to the era of pure innovation. Whether it’s an outrageous wedding dress or floral chandeliers, the unconventional bride is inventing her own wedding style.

The Unconventional Wedding

You know who’s rockin’ the unconventional wedding trend better than anyone else?

Millennials are.

When it comes down to the wedding, there are unforgiving amounts of details to consider. The venue, food, entertainment, vows, officiant, wedding party, and even gift giving, are all traditional aspects of a wedding that we are ready to disrupt.

In a classy way, of course.

Instead of traditional white chairs at your wedding ceremony, try intricate benches or specialized chair styles that express your eclectic personality and rockin’ individuality. Instead of succulent walls and twinkling lights, go for succulent walls and twinkling lights. Sorry, that sh*t is just pure magic.

Bridal Makeup

Unconventional Wedding Dresses

Being a unique bride goes far beyond the decor of the wedding. If a bride has her own unorthodox style in real life, why shouldn’t she at her own wedding? From black wedding gowns to white dress suits, an unconventional bride doesn’t conform to typical wedding couture.

We’ve seen it all - for a subtle yet untraditional bride, blush dresses are in style. For our loud and bold brides, bright blue hair and a high-low dress have been a fan favorite. There’s nothing we love more than a bride who tears up the rule book.

Unique Bride Hairstyle

Unconventional Wedding Rings

Unconventional wedding rings go both ways. For brides and grooms alike, non-diamond stones or modern settings have been a major trend this year. Jewelers are catering to their client's rare desires and crafting specialty two-toned rings, yellow and rose-gold bands, and even hammered wedding bands.

It’s your big day, it’s the start of a fresh chapter with your person. Having a one-of-a-kind ring as a symbol of your forever love is worth taking the plunge for. (I’m not crying, you are)

Unconventional Entertainment

If you want a badass party that gets the crowd poppin’, live entertainment is a must. Out-of-the-box entertainment is even better. From electric violinists, drummers, and pianists who play multiple instruments at once to professional DJs, entertainment has become one of the leading factors in the wedding industry. Instead of hiring DJs who just play music, clients are requesting DJs mix music flawlessly while playing a foot pedalled instrument and engaging with the party crowd.

Now that we’ve spoiled you with a sneak peak at the wedding of an unconventional bride, don’t hesitate to contact ROCKNEVENTS to make your vision a reality. We’re all about enhancing your offbeat and eccentric personality through flawless wedding design. We fully appreciate the progressive and new wave wedding industry movement. We don’t have clients, we have family. Join our movement today.