Rock N Events vs Wedding Planners / by Jenny Chang

Rock N' Events vs. Wedding Planners

Let’s do a little side-by-side comparison. On the left you have the ordinary, the reliable, the run-of-the-mill. On the right you have innovative, exploration, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

On the left you have what’s expected. On the right you have what’s memorable.

On the left you have chocolate. On the right you have chocolate with peanut butter (and a shot of rum…shh).

On the left you have an average, everyday wedding planner. On the right you have ROCKNEVENTS.


What to Expect with a Wedding Planner

what you can expect with a wedding planner

Let's get this out of the way right now – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using an average wedding planner. You’ll get that special day you’ve been dreaming about all your life. You’ll get a wonderful wedding.

What does this look like? What can you expect if you use a normal wedding planner? You can expect someone that helps organize the entire planning experience, along with the wedding itself. This includes:


  • Developing a budget

  • Creating timelines and checklists

  • Designing your wedding and reception

  • Coordinating and signing contracts with all vendors

  • Creating a “day of” checklist

It’s important to point out that your typical wedding planner does all of the above and then some. The specifics of what “then some” looks like depend on your unique wedding, but usually it’s things like handling payments, finding potential locations for your reception, and even organizing bridesmaids’ and groomsmen outfits.

Sounds good, right? It is! What an average wedding planner doesn’t give you, though, is just as important as what they do give you. What are we talking about? That certain je ne sais quoi. That certain feeling that kicks you in the a*s because you know, you just KNOW, you have someone on your side who gets it.


What to Expect with ROCKNEVENTS

The very first thing you need to know about our team at ROCKNEVENTS is that we take no s**t. That means we don’t work with fussy, problem brides. We don’t take on unhappy couples. We’ve worked hard to create an outstanding brand that knows exactly how to translate your vision into a reality. That means no drama accepted.

In fact, that extends to all parts of our wedding planning services. We don’t have clients or customers – we have members. We don’t offer out-of-the-box weddings. We offer unforgettable experiences. We don’t give you a day to remember. We give you the perfect first day of your lifetime of edge and luxury.

stand out from the crowd

We’re able to do this because we’ve built up a literal all star roster of the world’s best coordinators. We work around the clock to make sure you get nothing but the best. Want a timeless vibe for your wedding? Just say it and we take care of the rest, from the centerpieces to the outfits to the photo shoots and beyond. Want a sustainably-sourced, green wedding? We have you covered with eco-conscious design, food, and event options.  

We don’t even stop at your wedding. We plan and coordinate your honeymoon. We’ve scouted and experienced the best, most unique locations around the globe, so you don’t have to think twice about having the perfect post-wedding getaway.

Speaking of honeymoons, let’s say you come home pregnant (QUEEN!) – we’ll throw you a baby shower. This lifetime member status is only available to our members who start with weddings, so don’t miss your chance to join the RNE family.

That’s the difference between ROCKNEVENTS and an average wedding planner. Convinced we’re the right choice, the only choice, for your wedding? Then give us a call at (424) 272-6477 . We’ll get drinks and start creating something unforgettable.